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Shu Uemura UV Under Base TSUYA Mousse Moist

Shu Uemura UV Under Base TSUYA Mousse Moist  4,000yen
In Japan, it's common knowledge that you need to protect your skin from the sun every single day, even when on a cloudy, miserable winter day. UV ways come through windows which means you must wear a sunblock in the office, too. I'd been being lazy relying on my favourite Bobbi Brown foundation which has SPF40 SPF+++ since last summer but I'd been on the hunt for a good sunblock / sunscreen at the same time. I hate the tacky feeling and the unpleasant smell of sunblock, which makes me super picky and fussy when it comes to choosing sunblocks.

This sunblock from Shu Uemura seemed very interesting, as it comes out as mousse and leaves natural glow to your skin. I usually avoid any base products that makes my skin look shiny as I have combination skin that becomes shiny without a help from beauty products, but my skin has been looking dry and dull during the winter. Thus, I thought it could be a good idea to add slight glow to my skin to make it look healthier.

They also have a different type of mousse sunblocks without the glowy finish called UV Under Base Mousse CC, which come in 4 shades such as pink, ivory, beige and deep beige.

First of all, it's hard to control how much of the product you dispense. I always end up wiping the half of it with tissue as it dispenses too much. I have to be really careful not to apply it too much as it makes my face look like one tiny disco ball. It smells of vanilla which is sickly sweet that I wonder why they decided to put this fragrance in it. It's OK for a body lotion to have a sweet scent, but not a sunblock! Then, it feels tacky. The combination of the tackiness and the sweet scent makes me feel like I'm smearing sweets on my face. Yuck, right?

But it's too early to judge that this is a crappy sunblock -because it makes your skin look super healthy as if you've had 10 hours sleep last night. As it's tacky, you must blot with tissue paper before applying your foundation on top. Then, apply your primer, foundation and concealer as usual. If you have oily to combination skin, finish up with powder -I like Me Me Me one which I've been using for years now.

Then voi-la! You look glowing yet not shiny in a gross way.

The only thing I cannot get over is the scent. It lingers for hours and hours that every time wind blows I can smell my own face. You're lucky if you like the scent, great, but it's a torture if you are not a big fan of a sickly sweet scent.  I recommend this sunblock for those who have dull and possibly dry skin.

My new favourite lip pencil -MAC Pro Longware Lip Pencil in Cultured

MAC Pro Longware Lip Pencil in Cultured  2,916yen
I am going to be honest with you here. I have never been a huge fan of MAC. The only MAC products I own are the limited eyeshadows that I bought a couple of years ago -which I haven't used for ages. I have heard a lot of great things about their lipsticks, foundations, concealers and highlighters....but none of them was appealing to me for some reason. MAC seemed too practical for me.

But the other day I just dropped by their counter in a mall while shopping, and their lip pencils caught my eyes. I was just looking for a perfect lip pencil to correct the uneven tone on my lips and brightens up my complexion. I also had tons of lipsticks that I wouldn't wear on their own, and wanted a lip pencil that I could wear underneath them. I had Spice in mind but it was too orange. So I asked a sales assistant to pick a perfect shade for me, and she picked Cultured.

I personally have never heard of a beauty youtuber / blogger talking about this shade, but Cultured is such a lovely shade that looks natural yet add something on the lips. The finish isn't too matte but definitely not shimmery or pearly, which makes my lips look fuller as it catches the light. It glides on smoothly and doesn't make my lips feel too dry.

I use it as a base underneath a pale-toned lipstick / lipgloss, or sometimes I just wear it on its own with a little bit of a lip balm on top.

This is how it looks on its own.

This is my favourite combo at the moment -MAC Cultured + Clarins Lip Perfecter in 03 Nude Shimmer. I love how Nude Shimmer adds beigy colour to the lips, and tones down the redness of Cultured. I cannot get enough of this combination recently, that I am wearing it every day to work.

As the name suggests, it lasts for hours -actually it's designed to last for 6 hours according to the shop assistant- so when I apply it before leaving my house in the morning, I do not have to do a touch-up until the lunch time. How genius!

The only downside is that I've used up 1/3 of it already in about a month. I don't think it will last more than 3 months if I keep using it at this pace. About 3,000yen for a lip pencil that I would use up in 3 months seems a little too expensive in my opinion, especially now that drugstores have brilliant lip pencils too...although I might repurchase it once I've used it up, that's how much I am in love with this shade.

Shiseido Integrate Matsu-iku Girls' Lash Otemba Curl

Shiseido Integrate Matsu-iku Girls' Lash Otemba Curl 1,296yen
As you may know already, I am very fussy when it comes to mascara. Japanese mascaras are designed for Japanese lashes -short and growing straight down that don't hold a curl. That is why you find that the most of Japanese mascaras have fibres in them to make your lashes longer. Also Japanese people love waterproof ones to avoid smudging and 'panda eyes'.

I have quite long lashes that hold a curl, which means when I use a mascara with loads of fibres in it, my lashes look too long and kind of freaky. I hate it when fibres make your lashes look wonky, too. I also don't like a waterproof mascara because it's pain in the butt to remove at night, and nothing is more annoying than looking in a mirror finding your mascara hasn't been removed after washing your face.

Integrate Matsu-iku Girls' Lash in Otemba Curl  -such an odd name, though. Matsu-iku means growing lashes and Otemba means tomboy- is everything that I don't like about a mascara. It's got fibres and the comb wand which I don't like, and it's waterproof. I thought it would be a disaster. But you know what, I am in love with this mascara.

First I thought this curvy comb wouldn't do anything to my lashes besides making them look wonky. But actually, it does the trick! It's very hard to explain but let me try...basically, when you apply the mascara on the centre of your lashes, you place the comb at the same angle as the lashes -I know it doesn't make sense, but I can't find any other way to explain this! I mean, the comb should be fitting the shape of your eye. Then, when you apply it on the outer corner of your lashes, flip the comb and use it like a spoon. Like, scooping your lashes with the comb. That way, your lashes curls upwards and they hold it hours and hours.

Despite the fact it's got tons of fibres, it's not clumpy at all. It coats each lash and separate them, for a voluminous and fuller look. I love the fact that it doesn't stick the lashes together, too. Though I wish it was a 'film mascara' that washes off with warm water, I am obsessed with this mascara because I love how it makes my lashes look.

Don't worry about a little smudge of mascara under the eye, I didn't notice I failed on applying it on my bottom lashes. Honestly, it's unnoticeable in real life! Anyway, how gorgeous my lashes look!? It looks like I'm waring false lashes. Every time I put a photo of my eye makeup wearing this mascara on Instagram, I get compliments or questions about which mascara I use.

This has been the mascara that I reach for on daily basis the most recently, because it never makes me want to start my makeup all over again which sometimes happens when I accidentally apply an old mascara that's kind of dried up and made my lashes look clumpy and smudgy and miserable. I apply makeup at 7am, and come home from work around 10-11pm on the weekdays, and still my lashes look exactly the same as they did in the morning. Incredible.

If you are a fan of separated lashes, I highly recommend this mascara along with Heroine Mascara.

Best in Beauty 2015 -Makeup and Hair

I apologize for not being able to blog for a while, December is the busiest month work wise and I had to get everything done before my long winter holiday. In Japan Christmas is a working day but the winter holiday is pretty long that everyone spends time with their family to welcome a new year. As I am off until the 3rd of January, I picked up my favourite products I discovered in 2015 to share with you all.

Maihada CC Cream (REVIEW)
This CC cream is what I have been wearing on my day off. It's perfect for when you do not want to wear foundation, concealer, highlighter and powder on, because it covers all the imperfections of your skin and makes it look flawless and dewy, yet very natural. I have the lighter shade and it's a perfect match for NC20 skin I guess. The texture is very light yet moisturising enough, this is a perfect BB CC whatever cream.

Three Shimmering Lip Jam / Moon Whisper (REVIEW)
I just wrote a review on this lipgloss the other day, so am not going into too much details. All I can say is that this is the pink I was looking for.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation (REVIEW)
This is the foundation I wear on daily basis. As mentioned in my 'My Base Makeup Routine' post, it is one of the foundations that give dewiness to oily / combination skin without making it look shiny or oily. It hides my pores on the cheeks, gives a flawless finish with a natural glow to it. I also LOVE the lavender scent.

Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty Eyes and Cheek Palette (REVIEW)
The eyeshadow palette that I used the most in 2015. Grab yours if you ever see it at Duty-free, it's such a lovely palette that you won't regret spending money on. Though I do not use the blush much, the eyeshadows are worth the money themselves. They last ages on the lids which means I can rely on this palette when I have a long day at work. It's also tiny that can fit into my makeup bag easily. The matte brown shade is my favourite, although it's a little hard to blend, it makes the whole look sophisticated somehow.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush / Nude Mauve 
I am about to hit the pan. That's how much I adore this blusher. I got it back in August when I went to the UK. I wasn't sure about this blush because I thought shimmery blush would emphasises the pores on my cheeks, so I only purchase only one. I came back to Japan and tried it on, and it blew me away! It's such a beautiful blush that makes my skin look AMAZING. It does not emphasise the pores at all, instead it gives such an amazing glow and warmth to the skin, making my face look sculpted. I would buy all the shades, and 5 of Nude Mauve next time I go to the UK.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
I had heard a lot about this primer, and I bought a mini from House of Fraser to try out. Now I regret that I didn't buy a bigger one! It naturally covers the discolouration on my lids, while creating a perfect base for eyeshadow to stick. Since I started using this eyeshadow primer, my eye makeup never smudges or get ruined, even on a long long day at work -I'm talking about 17 hours of wearing makeup. I will 100% repurchase once I've used it up, but I doubt I would in the near future, as a tiny bit goes a long way.

Percy & Reed The Perfect Blow Dry Spray
My hair cannot be the same without this product. I have no idea what's in it, but it gives natural volume in the hair by spraying it before blow-drying. It also protects the hair from the heat, and leaves such a beautiful scent in it. Though it does not make my hair feel crispy or tacky, it definitely makes it thicker and voluminous. I love everything this spray does, I cannot live without it.

Fudge Urban Texture Spray
Another product I regret not buying a few at least. This candy-scented hair spray gives serious volume in my hair. Yes it makes it feel a little tacky, but I don't care because the volume lasts all day and the scent is to die for! I am definitely buying their dry shampoo, styling mousse and salt spray too next time I go to the UK.

I will reveal other favourite products of the year on the 31st! Don't miss it ;)

Three Shimmering Lip Jam Moon Whisper

Three Shimmering Lip Jam / Moon Whisper  3,240yen
If you ask me which Japanese beauty brands I recommend, I would answer THREE and ADDICTION. ADDICTION is like a Japanese version of NARS, and THREE is...well, very unique and different. THREE is famous for their beautiful shop in Aoyama, Tokyo called THREE AOYAMA where you can shop their products, have healthy food and experience their relaxing treatment. The layout of the shop is simple yet sophisticated, and their café serves healthy and yummy food and drink. Their spa is open from 7:30 in the morning, and though I have never had their treatment, I heard it's amazing. One thing you need to be careful is that they reject any customers who have tattoos -even a tiny one. They opened THREE AOYAMA a few years ago but I've been a fan of the brand for more than 5 years I believe. Possibly since their debut.

First of all, their skincare products smell divine. If you like a spa-like aromatherapeutic scents, you will love their products. Their oil cleanser is one of their best-sellers. Secondly, their makeup products are also lovely they always bring out very simple, conservative yet beautiful products.

Though I do not buy high-end makeup products often, I couldn't resist purchasing this beautiful lipgloss when it came out as one of their holiday limited products in November. A couple of days before the launch, I went to THREE AOYAMA and tried this lipgloss on. I didn't expect to like it much, but it was one of the most beautiful lipgloss I had ever tried. On the launch day I purchased it online from Isetan Website.

There are 4 limited shades came out in November. They contain 'moonlight pearl' that makes your lips glowing from within. My shade is Moon Whisper, such a beautiful yellow toned pink. The texture is very comfortable to wear on the lips, not too sticky yet stays on the lips for a couple of hours without touch-up. I also like the fact it doesn't have fragrance which makes it suitable in any scenes.

It instantly brightens up the complexion once applied and gives such a gorgeous glowing effect to the lips. It makes them look plumped and 'juicy' -though I hate the word for some reason- and I cannot rave enough about it. Blue toned pink looks awful on me, so I usually avoid pinky lip products but this one is absolutely beautiful. The glitter particles are super tiny that you don't feel at all, yet the effect of them is visible.

The chic packaging design under the theme of moon and dark sky is also unique. I've been wearing it almost every day since I got it, as it goes well with any kind of makeup. It looks beautiful with natural makeup, and it enhances the whole look worn with smoky eyes. Though it's pink, it's not a kiddish pink -it's such an elegant pink for grownup women. I highly recommend this shade if you have olive or neutral skin tone, or if you are looking for a natural pink lipgloss.


Majolica Majorca Romantic Night Mascara & Eyeliner Set

Majolica Majorca Romantic Night Mascara & Eyeliner Set  1,800yen

I had been looking for a good navy eyeliner and mascara since the end of summer. But unfortunately, most of them I came across did't have the right shade -to my liking. They were either too dark or too bluey. So when I saw this limited set at Aintz-Tulpe, my favourite drugstore in Harajuku (other branches are pretty small, go to the one in Harajuku if you are interested) I did not even hesitate to take it to the till.

This set comes with their best-selling mascara called Lash Expander Edge Meister and eyeliner called Perfect Automatic Liner, both in the limited shade 'Romantic Night'. They also launched other limited products at the same time: body lotion that smells heavenly, lip stain / gloss, eyeshadow palette and nail-caviar thing that was very popular a couple of years ago.

The liquid eyeliner has this pretty design on the body -which somehow reminds me of Sailor Moon. It's the type of eyeliner that you twist the end part to dispense the ink. At first it would tend to dispense too much ink at once which I wiped excess on the back of my hand, but it started working fine after using it for a couple of times.

I twist the end of the eyeliner once, and apply it on both eyes. The amount of the ink it dispense by one twist is absolutely perfect. The shade "Romantic Night' is such a lovely midnight blue. It's shimmery which makes it even more appropriate for the coming holiday season. It dries very quickly, meaning you have little time to apply it without making the eyeliner look messy, but once you're used to it you won't find any problems.

As you can see, it looks absolutely gorgeous on the eyes!! The metallic finish is very pretty and trendy, yet it's not too in-your-face at all. It definitely defines the eyes like a black eyeliner does, but definitely makes the whole look softer and more natural. It also makes my eyes look brighter for some reason, which is another plus point in my opinion.

The mascara is even more gorgeous than the eyeliner, as it contains bigger glitter particles that look absolutely amazing on the lashes. The brush looks rather odd, and I didn't think it would work on my lashes at first. I assumed that it would make them stick together and look clumpy. But I admit it did not do any of those -it separates the lashes and holds the curl for hours and hours.

It's got loads of fibres which I usually hate because they make my lashes look wonky, but for some reason this mascara does not do that much. I just comb my lashes with a clean spooli right after applying the mascara, and all the excess fibres come out.

In this photo, I only applied the mascara on my bottom lashes as I didn't want to look too much with the blue eyeliner and mascara on. You can if you want, but I just wanted to tone it down. You can see the bottom lashes look sparkly, but it's not too bluey at all.

When applied on both top and bottom lashes, it makes the whole look kind of mysterious -which I LOVE!! I tend to pair it with a black pencil eyeliner to balance out the look. It goes well with olive green eyeshadow -my favourite is Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow in Veruschka by Charlotte Tilbury- as well as taupe, silver and purple eyeshadows.

I have been wearing them 3-4 times a week since I got them. Especially the eyeliner is suitable for a daily use as they are quite subtle. The mascara is perfect for a special occasion, like a night-out or a special event. It's a shame they are limited, as I would repurchase them if they were permanent. They are sold out online already, but I have spotted them in some local drugstores recently. Grab them if you've seen them, as I promise you that you won't regret it!

Limited sets for this holiday season! Coffret D'or Party Coffret

Coffret D'or Party Coffret / EX-1  5,000yen
Just like any other countries, Christmas Coffret' is huge around this time of the year in Japan. Most of the beauty brands come up with limited sets that look pretty and gorgeous that you cannot resist. I usually do not buy Christmas Coffret but this year I was given a wonderful opportunity to try out Coffret D'or Party Coffret to review for GLAM. They have 4 different sets that you can choose depending on your liking, and I was given EX-1 which comes with a bright pink makeup bag that kind of represents the colour theme of this set.

EX-1 contains Soft Glamorous Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Rose, Premium Stay Rouge in PK- 293 and a nail oil. Pink is not what I usually wear when it comes to makeup, as I do not dress 'kawaii' and 'cute' like Japanese uni students do, and I always feel like pink makeup doesn't go well with my style. But this set completely changed my point of view!

Soft Glamorous Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Rose is such a lovely palette for grown women. Just like most of Japanese eyeshadow palettes, there is no matte shade to define the crease in this palette which is the only downside I can think of. It's got a very pale baby pink, dusty mauve, brown cream shadow, brownish burgundy and glittery gold eyeshadows which create such a beautiful look when they are used in conjunction with each other.

As you can see, all of the powder eyeshadows are super shimmery. The pigmentation isn't the best in the world, but the shades are very pretty.

Don't you think it looks pretty on the eyes? Even though I did not use an eyeliner, the cream eyeshadow worked as eyeliner and defined my lash line perfectly. It is definitely pink, but it's not a 'kawaii' type of pink, it's more mature and classy.

Premium Stay Rouge in PK- 293 is a lovely pink which I usually avoid, but this one looks quite nice on my lips as it's sheer. The nail oil didn't excite me to be honest as I have much better one which is spilt-free and smells amazing.

As you can see it's sheer and has tiny glitter particles that make my lips look plumped and juicy! The shade is a little too bright for my liking but it doesn't look childish at all which I like.

The makeup bag is also very useful -the size and the material is very nice and it holds so much stuff!! If you are into pink, this set is a must-buy. And for those who usually don't gravitate towards pink makeup, it's still worth checking out.

My current base makeup routine

Every morning before I go to work, I spend about 20-25 minutes to do my makeup. I wonder why it takes so long although I don't go too crazy with it when I have work, because 20-25 minutes seemed too long for the result. But then I realised, I was taking about 10 minutes or more for my base. To me, base is the most important part of the makeup, so no wonder why!

So here are the base makeup items that I use on daily basis....

Primer: Benefit POREfessional
Work day foundation: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation
Weekend foundation: L'Oreal Infallible 24hours Matte Foundation

I bought Benefit POREfessional at Heathrow Airport when I went to England this summer. I wanted it so bad that I thought of purchasing it from Boots so that I could use it during the stay, but I ended up purchasing it from Duty Free to save some money. The texture is similar to Micro-blur Skin Perfecter from Kiehl's -even better actually. I loved the one from Kiehl's but it separated a couple of weeks after I started using and it was a big mess. Whereas POREfessional never separates, and the texture is thicker which stays on the skin better.

When I go to work, I use Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation which I purchased from Duty Free at Haneda Airport before flying to England. I ended up using this foundation only during my stay, because I became obsessed! I had used this foundation before to write an article, and I instantly fell in love. I wanted to buy one immediately but the price tag put me off -it's about 8,000yen I believe. Duty free didn't make a huge difference but I took the opportunity. My shade is Sand 02, which could be a little bit lighter than my skin tone if I apply too much, but it's quite a good match I must say. With SPF40, it's a perfect foundation to wear when I have plans outside of my house.

On my day off, I use L'Oreal Infallible 24hours Matte Foundation which I bought from Boots. I was at Westfield and they didn't have all the shades, and the testers were all messy and dirty. I should have waited to go to another branch but I wanted to buy 3 items from the brand to get the offer. So without matching my skin, I picked up the shade Sand 20 -which doesn't match my skin AT ALL. It's too dark and I cannot use it on its own, so I mix it with a foundation that is too light for my skin tone. It's a shame because this foundation is absolutely amazing that I wish I could use it without mixing with any other foundations! As L'Oreal cannot be shipped to Japan, I have to wait until I come to the UK again to get the right shade.

POREfessional blurs out my pores completely. I apply a tiny bit on the cheeks and nose, and it keeps my skin matte and smooth all day. I love the pleasant scent too. I am not sure when I will use up the tube as I only need a little bit per use, but I will definitely repurchase it once used up.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation looks super yellowy in the photo above but it looks beautiful on my neutral-toned skin which isn't too yellow but definitely not pink. The reason why I'm obsessed with this foundation is because it gives a natural glow to my skin without making it look shiny. I have combination skin and quite large pores on the cheeks, so I always avoid glowy finish when it comes to a base product. But this one gives the most natural glow as if I am bare-skinned. It covers up the pores and dark spots without being heavy. Also the lavender scent is just amazing.

You can see L'Oreal Infallible 24hours Matte Foundation is too dark and pinky...especially when applied next to the one from Bobbi Brown, it looks ridiculously dark! I heard they don't have yellow-toned shade, I hope they would expand the shade range soon because I love the finish! It doesn't look too matte, but definitely not glowy. It makes my skin look soft and smooth, and plumped. I love how natural it looks on the skin. It's definitely worth the hype.

Evens out the skin tone: LANAREY Prism Concealer
Dark Circles: Calypso Magic Concealer
Dark Circles and highlight: Za Cosmetics Perfect Fit Concealer

To conceal dark spots and blemishes, I use LANAREY Prism Concealer that I got to review. It's an OK concealer in my opinion, I don't think it's worth the price (3456yen!) but it works as a concealer for sure. I apply it under the eyebrows too, to evens out the skin tone and conceal pores and baby hair.

My hideous dark circles can't be concealed by ANY concealer in my experience, but this combo works well. I first apply this orange concealer from Calypso, blend in only on the dark circles.  Then apply lighter concealer from Za Cosmetics which sadly is discontinued, to brighten them up. They both are creamy and not drying at all which is important when you choose a concealer for under eyes.

I have the shade 02 Natural of LANAREY Prism Concealer and it's quite a good match to my skin tone. I just click the end of the pen twice, apply it under the brows, on blemishes and dark spots, as well as around the nose, and blend with a sponge. I carry it around in my makeup bag when I have a pimple that I want to cover up so that I can touch up during the day.

You can see Magic Concealer from Calypso is pretty orangy on my skin, whereas Perfect Fit Concealer from Za Cosmetics is much brighter. I LOVE this concealer from Za because it kind of melts on the skin when applied, and it never looks cakey or drying. The only downside is that it's hard to control how much to dispense because of the tube, I sometimes dispense way too much. The shade is perfect to brightens up the skin without looking too bright. I also like the fact it's not pinky at all.

Phew, it became a much longer post than I expected. I sometimes switch my foundation to BB or CC cream, but these are the products I use on daily basis. Let me know what your favourite base products are!

Bored with Black Mascara? Try this! Love Switch Pink Brown Mascara

Love Switch Oil Treatment Mascara / Pink Brown  1,728yen
Recently, I tend to gravitate towards brown when it comes to eye-makeup. I'm not talking about eyeshadow, I'm talking about eyeliner and mascara, that usually I choose ones in black. If you ask me what the best brown eyeliner is, I don't even hesitate to answer that it's Love Liner in Dark Brown. But I hadn't found a brown mascara I recommend when asked the same question about mascara....until now.

Love Switch Oil Treatment Mascara is something I wouldn't have picked up if it was in black. They do have it in black too but what attracted me was this shade Pink Brown. It was when I was flipping through the beauty magazine MAQUIA, one of the photos of this model Moeka Nozaki caught my eyes. I loved the simple makeup she was wearing, and what made it look so natural was this mascara.

I had never been a pink-toned mascara type of girl at all, I always colour my hair in ashy brown with  a hint of blue which is far from the girly image. But surprisingly this mascara doesn't give too much of a femininity to the whole look at all.

The brush isn't my favourite if I am honest, but it's not the worst either. I wish it didn't contain fibres because not only it irritates my eyes but it makes my lashes look wonky. But one thing that I really do not like about this mascara is the smell. It's got this lavender scent which is supposed to be relaxing, but it literally smells like a bathroom deodorant. And the worst thing is that it lingers. For about 15 minutes after applying this mascara, I smell a loo.

But the colour is gorgeous. It's more reddish and brighter than I expected.

This mascara tends to stick the lashes together so I always comb them with a clean spooli after the application to separate them. Because it contains oil instead of water that makes lashes go down as time passes, meaning it holds curl better. Another bonus point is that it's a waterproof mascara that comes off easily with warm water and a bit of cleanser.

It doesn't make my lashes look fuller or voluminous, but it lengthens for sure as you can see in the photo. I love how natural it looks on the lashes, when I don't want my lashes to overshadow the whole eye makeup if that makes sense. You can't really tell it's 'pink brown' unless you are informed so, and it goes well with brown eyeshadow that I wear on daily basis. I wouldn't pair it with blue or green eyeshadow but I assume it looks pretty with most of the eyeshadow shades.

What do you think about this mascara? Do you own any mascara in a unique shade? Let me know!