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Make Up Forever Black Tango Nail Polish - Blue Black

I wrote about the same nail polish in "Green Black" the other day, and today I would like to write about the colour called "Blue Black".  Blue Black is a very dark navy colour, which looks less blackish than Green Black in my opinion.

It doesn't have glitters but it's got this very beautiful shimmer in it, which looks chick and nice. I personally like the green one better than this one, just because the green one goes better with my skin tone.

Again, their nail polish is very easy to apply, and it leaves very strong colour with two coats. It gets dry quickly, I think it didn't take 15 minutes to dry completely. I love both colours and will be wearing them a lot this autumn / winter! They've got another colour "Red Black" which is also amazing. I don't own this one unfortunately but it is a classic red which all girls should have! 

What do you think of this blackish colours? :)

Make Up Forever Black Tango Nail Polish - Green Black

I got this nail polish from a kind Japanese blogger called Mickey whom I met once at a beauty event. She was asking if anyone would want this nail polish on twitter and I said I was interested, then she kindly sent two bottles within a week! How kind! I'll write about another one soon but today I would like to talk about this colour called "Green Black".

Don't you think this colour is gougers. And look at this shine, it looks like it's got a thin layer of vinyl on top! It's quite black-y and you cannot tell the exact colour in dark which I like.

But the only problem is that it doesn't last long. I applied it on Monday night, and it was chipped on Tuesday morning already. I didn't have time to reapply the nail polish before work so I left it as it was but it bothered me all day! I applied top coat as well so I think it's the nail polish itself which has got a problem. But I reapplied it  when I got home, I just love this colour so much!

What's your favourite nail colour for this autumn? 

wAtOSA nail polish -American's candy

First of all, what a weird name? "American's Candy" I don't like this name at all. Anyway, this nail polish has been my No.1 favourite since my mum gave it to me a few years ago. It's from wAtOSA, a Japanese beauty brand produced by this Japanese makeup artist named "Saburo Watanabe". I am not a fan of him but this nail polish is amazing. So easy to apply, and this colour is unusual. 

Look at this colour. I LOVE IT. It's grayish purple which makes my skin colour look nice. And it's so easy to apply and gets dry very quickly. I guess it's been more than 3 years since I've got it, but the liquid hasn't gone all thick and icky like other nail polishes I own. It's 1890yen which is not too expensive for a nail polish in Japan. Considering the quality, I think it's worth it. Now looking at the website, I would like to try mint green and citron sugar next. Check out the official website for more information (in Japanese, sorry)!

wAtOSA official website

Chanel Le Vernis

This has been my favourite nail polish for my toenails for years. A friend of mine gave it to me as she didn't like it much, and I love it. It's a bit too much for my fingernails as it's quite bright and could be inappropriate for a working environment, but I like to wear it on my toenails very much.

Chanel makes one of the best nail polishes in the world. The shine is just phenomenal. And I didn't even have to apply the 2nd coat if I couldn't be bothered, it was beautiful enough! 

What is your favourite nail polish of Chanel?

aquagirl cosmetics nail polish - BlueJohn

aquagirl is a Japanese fashion brand which is quite Japanese-y and girlie which is obviously not my type. They launched the cosmetic collection a few years ago, and they looked very girlie too for me. But the nail polishes looked very nice, they are in 29 pairs of colours. 

I got mine because it was 50% off and the colour looked perfect for autumn! The main colour is this chic khaki which goes well with any colours. And at the other end of the stick (well I just didn't know what to call it, sorry) it's got the glitters.

The colour looks very greenish in this picture but actually it's more like pale and milky green. I love this colour, and the nail polish itself is really easy to apply. I put two coats and it dries after 5 minutes. It claims it gets dried in 55 seconds but that's an exaggeration.

I didn't use the glitter this time because I've run out of my top coat and without it the glitters don't blend in well. This colour is called "Blue John" and there are 28 more pairs! I wanted to get the one called "Jet Setter" too but I thought I should save money for now!

aqualirl cosmetics is on sale here still, visit the website if you're interested!  

aquagirl -fashion
aquagirl -cosmetics

Organic Pharmacy's nail polish

This is my first organic nail polish. I got it from Organic Pharmacy in Covent Garden. It looks like this in the picture with two coats, it's quite glossy and shiny without glitters. It's a chic color which is suitable for autumn and winter, I'm so in love with this color. It looks more brown-plum actually, it works both for fingernails and toenails. 

I didn't notice a huge difference between a normal nail polish and an organic nail polish really, the only thing I noticed was that the organic one smells less. It lasted 3-4 days which is not too bad for a nail polish. The color is amazing, I wish I got other colors too! If you haven't tried their organic nail polishes, try it out! You won't regret :)

REVLON top speed nail polish

I got it from my co-worker who attended this photo shoot and got a bunch of nail polishes from there. I picked this yellow color of REVLON TOP SPEED as it looks perfect for a pedicure. 

But I noticed that the color doesn't come out as it looks. I was expecting sheer, glossy yellow but it looks a bit like a paint when you apply it on your nails. I tried my best to apply it evenly but it was impossible.

 My top coat gives quite glossy texture so it doesn't look too bad, but without the top coat it looks matte yet a little shiny. I hadn't used REVLON's nail polishes for ages but it reminded me why I stopped using them. It's just that they are not for me. I only use nail polish on my toenails as I do gel nails (called Calgel) on my fingernails. 

Although I just put this yellow nail polish on my toenails, I might remove it and put Usul airlines' one -their nail polishes are the best- later!