Study Blogging


Recently I've been reading these books to improve my blog. I first got to know about this book called Blog INC. when Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup mentioned on Instagram. It looked interesting and just because I'm a book addict, I immediately checked it out on I ended up purchasing two books related to blogging, including Blog INC.


Blog INC. is written by Joy Deangdeelert Cho who is a graphic designer, blogger, food enthusiast, and the founder and editor of the blog called "Oh Joy". Her blog is full of beautiful photos which maintains a consistent theme and the sense of herself. This book was published in September 2012 so it's pretty new and I heard a lot of bloggers are actually raving about this book.


I've been reading this book for more than a month but haven't reached the part to actually start a blog yet. (Just because I'm slow...! There's been too much to do and I haven't been able to concentrate) It's written well and must be the perfect book for beginners as it directs you from the very beginning of starting up a blog. 


Here are some contents. It has many interviews with popular bloggers who give you tips based on their own experiences. I have learnt a lot already because nothing is more convincing than reading true stories.

The font is really easy to read, the paper is in a very good quality, the design is nice...There's nothing bad about this book so far. If you're interested in starting up a blog or expanding and improving your blog, this book would be perfect for you.


Another book I purchased is Blogging for Creatives. I actually haven't started reading this book yet but I bought it because it looked nice. Simple. It has many photos in it directing how to create a blog with a sense of yourself.


Unlike Blog INC., it's full-colour and has loads of photos. It's more like a blogging guidebook. It's got photos of some popular blogs for reference, and it boosts your imagination. 

Have you read any books about blogging? Which one is your favoruite? Let me know!