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Pretty Honest / Pretty Honestly Brilliant

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes
When I discovered that there was a new beauty book coming out back in September, I pre-ordered without hesitation. I am shameless enough to admit that I had no idea who Sali was, but by reading reviews on some bloggers who had a chance to get it before it came out, I assumed it was a great book. 

It's such a thick book (it's got 336 pages!) and I'm still reading page 60 as it's too heavy to carry around that I don't have enough time to sit and read at home, but I can tell you this book is brilliant. 

It covers various topics related to beauty, from skincare to makeup to occasional events such as wedding or pregnancy. It's definitely a book that you "read" using your brain, not a kind that you flip a page and look at pretty pictures and enjoy. It's got loads of information but because she doesn't ramble at all and always gets to the point, it doesn't feel overwhelming. You start seeing her as your girl friend who has an incredible knowledge about beauty. 

She says "It's pointless" to a pointless thing, and "It's useless" to a useless thing. There are some things that I don't agree with her because clearly we have different habits and cultures, but I still enjoy her philosophy and appreciate the fact she is sharing her experiences and knowledge with us.

If you love beauty, I'm sure you will enjoy this book. It doesn't matter how much knowledge you already have, whether you just started loving beauty recently, or you have been a beauty addict for decades, there is something you enjoy in this book. 

One downside is that she doesn't recommend any specific products although she mentions the names of brands. She writes like "I like concealers from ***, *** and ***" but do not mention which particular ones they are.  If she didn't want to recommend any products, she shouldn't have mentioned the brands either in my opinion because it feels pointless. Well, it's just my opinion but I would have enjoyed much more if she could recommend some products too, because I personally want to know her favourites. 

Overall this is such a fun book to read for a beauty junkie like me. It's like a must-have beauty bible. I would love to give this book as a Christmas gift if I had a friend who is into beauty. If you are not sure whether you should buy it or not, check out Amazon.co.uk where you can read a few pages. And now it's 11 pound on Amazon.co.uk instead of the normal retail price which is 22 pound for some reason. (Not fair that it's 4,000yen on Amazon.co.jp though!) so now is the time to purchase if you are interested! :)

5 year journal

Sometimes I wonder what I was doing and thinking last year today. I lived that day, but it feels like the day is gone because I don't remember anything of it. I can't even remember what I was doing last Wednesday. Do you?

That's why I decided to keep this journal on my table and write my thoughts every night before going to bed. I bought this in January on Amazon and have been keeping it religiously since then. It's not a normal diary like you write whatever you want that day, which tends to be quite negative and boring in my case, it's got 365 questions that you answer.

Some questions are easy to answer, some questions make me think deeply and bring new meaning to my day. Some questions make me realise what I really am thinking in my head, which I couldn't have noticed without answering them.

As you answer the same questions every year for the next 5 years, you will see the change of yourself. By writing a few lines every day, I feel like my days became more meaningful somehow. And also I'm so looking forward to reading it back when I'm 35!

It's pretty thick but small, it won't take too much space in your suitcase even when you are traveling. 

Are you keeping a journal?  

5 year journal -Amazon

Study Blogging


Recently I've been reading these books to improve my blog. I first got to know about this book called Blog INC. when Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup mentioned on Instagram. It looked interesting and just because I'm a book addict, I immediately checked it out on Amazon.co.jp. I ended up purchasing two books related to blogging, including Blog INC.


Blog INC. is written by Joy Deangdeelert Cho who is a graphic designer, blogger, food enthusiast, and the founder and editor of the blog called "Oh Joy". Her blog is full of beautiful photos which maintains a consistent theme and the sense of herself. This book was published in September 2012 so it's pretty new and I heard a lot of bloggers are actually raving about this book.


I've been reading this book for more than a month but haven't reached the part to actually start a blog yet. (Just because I'm slow...! There's been too much to do and I haven't been able to concentrate) It's written well and must be the perfect book for beginners as it directs you from the very beginning of starting up a blog. 


Here are some contents. It has many interviews with popular bloggers who give you tips based on their own experiences. I have learnt a lot already because nothing is more convincing than reading true stories.

The font is really easy to read, the paper is in a very good quality, the design is nice...There's nothing bad about this book so far. If you're interested in starting up a blog or expanding and improving your blog, this book would be perfect for you.


Another book I purchased is Blogging for Creatives. I actually haven't started reading this book yet but I bought it because it looked nice. Simple. It has many photos in it directing how to create a blog with a sense of yourself.


Unlike Blog INC., it's full-colour and has loads of photos. It's more like a blogging guidebook. It's got photos of some popular blogs for reference, and it boosts your imagination. 

Have you read any books about blogging? Which one is your favoruite? Let me know!

Autumn Beauty Reads!

I love books. My mum told me more than 100 times that when I was little, like at age of 3 or 4, I used to carry a lot of books from my bedroom every morning and demanded her to read them for me. When I was in junior school, I read most of the foreign books (translated into Japanese) in the library. Even now I never go anywhere without a book unless when going to the supermarket near my house.  

I got two books the other day even though I've got many books I haven't read yet but I don't blame myself because whenever I get stressed out I buy books, so I guess I need some time to spend time on myself reading.

1001 Little Beauty Miracles by Esme Floyd

This book was recommended by my favourite beauty blogger Jessica from Jessica Beautician.  She is a beauty therapist herself and has got really convincing opinions toward cosmetics. The cover is different from the one she's got but I made sure it's the same book.

It doesn't have photos or fancy decoration or anything, but it's like a beauty dictionary that you can rely on. It's interesting to read all the tips, I wish the each tip was a bit longer and more detailed though because sometimes I read a tip and am like "Why is it good for my skin? How does it work?" and I have to google it to get the answer. I haven't finished reading this book yet, but it's a good book for those who are new to cosmetics. 

Best in Beauty by Riku Campo

I wanted a book which shows about both skincare and makeup tips. I didn't want an old fashioned one so I went through more than 50 pages on Amazon.co.jp to find an ideal book. Then I finally found this book, which looked pretty interesting.

This book is printed in full colour which is really nice, and very interesting to read. It has many tips and Q&As, I never get bored reading this book.

It's got 300 pages which makes it really thick and heavy, meaning it's impossible to carry it around but it's like a nice treat that I can get when I come back from work. 

I love this type of beauty book and am now interested in Make-up Masterclass and Make-up Secrets by Jemma Kidd (does anyone know the difference between those two books?) because it seems like it's got great makeup tips.

Also I got the beauty issue of Look magazine, FINALLY! Thanks eBay!

Do you have any favourite beauty books? What are you reading this autumn?

My favourite cooking books

As I mentioned before, I love cooking. I also love books. That means I LOVE cooking books!!! I don't own too many cooking books but I think I have at least 10, and more than 30 if I include cooking magazines. Today I'm going to write a bit about my favourite ones.

Miss Masala by Mallika Basu

This is actually not a book for vegetarian like me, but I couldn't help buying it because it is so beautiful. How many times have you seen such a beautiful book like this in your life?

And the layout is nice too. It's basically about Indian food as you must have recognized by the title, it's got some photos in it but not so many. Instead you can enjoy the lovely illustrations which I totally adore. I've never tried any of the recipes yet but it's quite inspiring.

From Season to Season: A Year in Recipes by Sophie Dahl

I got it for 20 pounds when I went to London, and now it's 10 pounds on Amazon! I have the 1st book of Sophie Dahl too, and loved it so much. Again it's not a vegetarian-friendly book but still the photos are very beautiful and sophisticated, it gives you ideas of tableware and stuff.

The 2nd book seem to have more of the recipes of vegetable dishes than the 1st one. 

Vegetarian by Alice Hart

I got this one from the famous bookshop "Books for Cooks" in Notting Hill for about 15ounds, now it's 7.5 pounds on Amazon! (Does it mean that I shouldn't buy any books from a bookstore and get one from Amazon only?) It was very unfortunate that the bookshop didn't have many vegetarian books. They did have ones but most of them were old and boring ones, and this one was outshining and I had to buy it. Although my suitcase was full and heavy like a huge rock.

This book is AMAZING. To be honest with you I haven't read through yet at all because I don't want it to end. I know it sounds odd but I love the feel of the papers as well...! Look at the photo, this book is very sophisticated. Although I haven't tried any of the recipes yet I strongly recommend this book.

Hamlyn QuickCook: Vegetarian (UK Edition)

This book is not as beautiful as the other ones, but very useful. Basically it shows one recipe fully and two other different ideas with the same ingredients that you can cook within either 10, 20 or 30 minutes. 

It's very good because when a recipe which takes 30 minutes catches my eyes but I don't have time to cook, I can follow the substitute idea which I can cook within 10 minutes. Of course they are not exactly the same dish but still it gives me an inspiration. Very handy and useful book.

What's your favourite cooking book? Let me know!