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My Nighttime Skincare Routine -Spring 2015

Following my post about my morning skincare routine, I am going to write about my nighttime skincare routine today!

To remove my makeup off, I've been enjoying Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm (Thanks Danniella xx) after I've completely used up Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm from CLINIQUE. This cleanser contains Shea Butter, Rosehip and Jojoba oils to leave the skin silky smooth. Especially Rosehip oil is known to be very good for your skin, though it stinks. I tried some pure Rosehip oils in the past but i just couldn't bear the fishy smell. This cleanser does not have any odd smell, instead it smells of essential oils -which unfortunately I cannot identify which ones- and it's very relaxing.
I reviewed YSL Forever Youth Liberator Lotion back in February, so click HERE for more in-depth review. The reason why I use this at night only is because I like taking time to let it sink into my skin using my palms. I take a couple of minutes to gently press it into the skin, for a plumped and hydrated feel. It really does make my skin feel soft and hydrated, I cannot get enough of it.

Then I use Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair that I reviewed before as well (HERE). I had no clue what the hype was about before I tried it, but now I'm obsessed. I've been using it since last autumn and I've used up about 30% of 50ml bottle already, which gives me an anxiety attack! It's much cheaper in the UK than it is in Japan, and I believe it's cheaper at Bicester Village than it is at the duty free shop. It really does shrink my pores, you can see the result the next day which is absolutely impressive. It's definitely worth the hype.

I was using DEW SUPERIOR Lift Concentrate Cream at the time I took the photos, but actually I gave it away because it didn't agree with my skin. It's a very luxurious cream and smells wonderful, but felt a little too oily on my combination skin. My husband seems to be enjoying it a lot, so it must completely depends on the skin type. Right now I'm using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. This is such a lovely cream, very basic but it hydrates the skin instantly.

Then I finish up my skincare routine with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Cream. I tried the sample a couple of times before I purchased it, and every time I saw a massive difference which truly impressed me. My dark circles are not due to lack of sleep, it's pigmentation that skincare items normally cannot fix. But when I use this eye cream, it makes my under eyes look brighter and smoother the next day. 

One more skincare routine related post is coming up soon x

My Morning Skincare Routine -Spring 2015

Spring has come! It's been pretty warm in Tokyo though it still gets chilly at night. As my skin has been in a good condition, I thought to write about my current morning skincare routine today.

Bellissima Skin Booster  is the latest addition to my skincare routine. This cleansing brush is from Italy I believe, and came with 4 different brushes. I tend to use the brush for sensitive skin on my face, and the one for normal skin on my decollete. It's not as harsh because the brush doesn't spin, and the bristles are pretty soft. I'm hooked on it because it makes my skin feel like a baby's butt.

Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash, which is supposed to work as a makeup remover as well as a face wash, is one of the worst makeup removers as it doesn't remove anything. But on the other hand, this is the best face wash ever! It's so gentle yet does remove dirt and excess oil, without stripping the natural oil on the skin. Every time I wash my face with it, my skin feels so smooth that I cannot stop touching it...!

Hada Lab Skin Conditioner is a very basic lotion that hydrates and balances. I take a generous amount on a cotton pad, and gently pat it on my skin without scrubbing it. It prevents acne, and controls the oil production. It's the best lotion to use in the morning, because it's hydrating yet not too heavy. 

My Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 20 is nearly empty actually, and I cannot repurchase it as it's not available in Japan. I haven't decided which day cream I buy after using this one up, let me know if you have a recommendation for combination skin! This is such a lovely moisturiser to use all year round! It's pretty basic, but it moisturises and protects the skin which is pretty mush everything I want from a day cream. 

This Clinique All About Eyes Rich is a mini that I got online last year to take to Okinawa. Though it's tiny, it seems to last forever! It does not reduce the appearance of dark circles as the official website claims, sorry, but it does smooths the wrinkles and creates the perfect canvas for concealers.

Nighttime skincare routine will be up soon x

My summer 2014 skincare routine

I took photos in May when I received some requests for my skincare routine post, and finally I'm writing about it today! It took me 3 months to do it, and I even used up some of the products I was enjoying at that time. But seriously, all the products I'm talking about today are amazing.


I take a shower every morning, and use  Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to cleanse my face. It's kind of a boring cleanser but obviously gentle on the skin. It never irritates my skin and leaves my skin fresh and clean without the tight feeling that I hate. I also love Origins Checks and Balances, which smells of mint mixed with some other essential oils. It's perfect for combination skin as it hydrates the dry areas and gets rid of excess oils at the same time. It leaves my skin more refreshing than Cetaphil does, which makes it more suitable for summer in my opinion. I love love love this cleanser, maybe the best one I've ever tried.

After washing my face, I use Nature Conc Clear Lotion with a cotton pad to gently exfoliate and hydrate my skin. I love using it in the morning because it doesn't leave any greasy feels on the skin. Such a refreshing toner that makes my skin look clearer. Then I use Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Moisture Creme to moisturise my skin. It's a perfect moisturiser for daytime as this siliconny texture creates a smooth skin surface and my makeup would sit very nicely on top of it. I also love using Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 20 especially on my day off when I don't wear makeup as it protects my skin from the sun. 

Then I apply Superdefense SPF 20 Age Defense Eye Cream from Clinique. I love the idea of this eye cream having SPF effect, as my eye areas tend to get dark spots more than any other parts of my face. I apply the sunscreen from Origins as well, it's a little greasy to be honest but it leaves the right amount of oil once blotted. It's a shame it's only sold in Asia!

- Night-time -

RAFRA Balm Orange is definitely one of the best cleanser when it comes to removing makeup and leaving the skin super smooth at the same time. It literally smells like orange juice, and the consistency is much thicker than normal balm cleansers which warms up on the skin and gently exfoliates and removes makeup and dirt on the skin. It makes your skin feel like a baby's for sure, I promise.

Then I use Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion or Dr. Ci : Labo Herbal Serum to hydrate my skin. Even Better Essence Lotion is such a nice lotion that hydrates the skin without being too heavy. It feels very light on the skin but makes my skin moisturised and kind of plumped. Herbal Serum isn't a serum, but it's got oxygen, 15 different kinds of plant extracts, vitamins, collagen, hyaluronic acid and ceramide. It sinks into the skin very quickly and makes my skin feel fresher and smoother.

To moisturise, I use Estee Lauder CyberWhite HD Advanced Brightening Night Creme. I almost use up one jar, and I've got another one waiting for me to open. I'm not sure if it really does brightens up my skin tone, as I just found some new dark spots around my eyes today (damn myself didn't wear sunscreen until I was like 25) haven't noticed any difference on my complexion, but I love how moisturising it feels on my skin. I also love the scent, it could be a little overpowering for some people but I love it so so so much.

I also use argan oil sometimes to combat dry patches, and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (I got a 50ml one the other day, woohoo!) for a special care. Also, RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is something you need to try out if you haven't tried it yet. It really does make your lashes longer and thicker in a week. I had bald patches in my eyelashes but it made my lashes fuller instantly! I was really impressed, and now I cannot live without it....I don't know what to do when it's gone empty as it's quite pricey and I don't think I can purchase it myself! 

So these are the products I use on my face day and night. I have some more products I'm loving right now, I will make sure to write about them soon!

My Pamper Skincare Items

I use either face mask or face scrub every 2-3 days. Only because I love pampering my skin, and another reason is that I've got too many products that I have to use up. Today I'm sharing my favourite items for pampering my skin.

Life-Flo Warming Pore Cleansing Scrub is another great product I discovered on Vitacost. It warms up on the skin which softens the dirt in the pores and makes it easier to remove it. This charcoal mask has small jojoba beans that gently exfoliates the skin, and it works wonders! It makes my skin so soft and smooth like nobody's business. I just cannot stop touching my face after use. It also smells divine, the blend of rosemary, grapefruits, sage, lemon, juniper and so on. Definitely one of the best face scrub ever!

I rely on Queen Helene Masque Mint Julep when I have pimples or enlarged pores on my cheeks. Especially when I have an occasional painful pimple, I remove makeup and apply a thick layer of this clay based face mask, and wait for 15 minutes. It smells literally like a toothpaste, very minty and fresh, which makes me feel like it's working. Once I rinse it off, my skin feels fresher and cleaner, and it definitely shrinks a pimple. I didn't feel like it was working when I first tried on my healthy skin, but once I used it on my pimple, it showed what it was capable of. 

Pangea Organics Facial Mask is definitely one of the best face masks I have ever tried. It's a little pricey in Japan but it's not too bad on Vitacost. It has unique and effective ingredients such as green clay, white clay,wildcrafted seaweed,organic green tea powder, organic matcha tea powder, wildcrafted Irish moss, acai extract, organic goji berry extract and some other plants extracts and essential oils. It's got gritty bits in it which gently exfoliates the skin, while nourishing and replenishing the skin. It leaves my skin like a baby's butt, and I know many fellow bloggers that are in love with this mask. The only downside is that it stinks, which is bearable for me.

I think I don't even need to say anything about Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask as everyone and their dogs know about it. It's kind of itching on my skin but I cannot stop using it as I can visibly see the result on my skin on the next morning. It moisturises my skin perfectly, getting rid of all the dry patches I had the night before. It smells like peaches to me which smells delicious enough to eat....which I don't. I'm sure it would taste disgusting. It's like a thick cream so I replace my night time moisturiser with it maybe once every 10 days or so. It is a little pricey but it lasts for ages and I will definitely repurchase it once I've run out with the current tube.

  The last but not least, I like using Japanese sheet masks like Lululun. Mine is the one I got in Okinawa last year, it's got the Citrus depressa extract, the special lemon that's native to Okinawa. They have some different varieties you can choose depending on your skin type or a desired effect. The sheet is pretty thick that doesn't break easily, and contains effective ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Thought it's very affordable, the effect it gives to the skin is pretty impressive. Also the packaging is super cute.

What's your facvourite pamper item? Let me know!

Cleansing balm smells like orange juice! RAFRA Balm Orange

RAFRA Balm Orange 3240yen
I had never heard of this brand called RAFRA before I was sent this beautiful cleansing balm smells like fresh orange juice. RAFRA calls for a theory of "simple skincare" and this cleansing balm is their main product which acts as a cleanser, make-up remover, massage balm, exfoliator and face mask. It warms up on your skin and remove dirt in the pores, while hydrating with hyaluronic acid, collagen, royal jelly and honey.

It looks like jelly in the tub (is it a tub? or a jar? or...what is this?) but actually the texture is slimy which is more like honey. I warm it up in my palms to make it softer before applying it on my face, otherwise it's pretty hard to work on the skin. Once applied, it immediately warms up and remains warm for a long time. I usually massage my face for about a minute, and apply a little bit of warm water around my eyes where I want to remove my makeup the most -that way all my mascara and eyeliner dissolves- and rinse off. 

This whole process is so relaxing because of the amazing scent. It literally smells like fresh orange juice, and I don't think there is anybody who hates this scent. It's such a lovely, fresh and sweet scent that makes me want to eat it.

And another amazing thing about this cleaner is that it makes my skin so soft and smooth. I didn't expect it to work this well as an exfoliator because it doesn't contain AHA/BHA or salicylic acid. This is the most gentle exfoliator I have ever tried, which works wonders without irritating or drying my skin. 

I use this cleaner every 3-4 days. I want to use it every single day but the price tag stops me to do so. You don't need too much to remove makeup, but still 100g jar isn't going to last for months if you use it every day. Every time I use it, my skin feels softer, smoother and very hydrated without being oily or greasy.This is definitely one of the best cleansers I have ever used. They have a trial set which is handy for travel as well, which I might purchase for a holiday that I'm planning in September. They also have a limited foaming cleanser which has a cooling effect which sounds refreshing in summer. RAFRA definitely has become one of my favourite skincare brands!

Are "natural" beauty products good for you?

Recently, I often hear people raving about "natural" and "organic" beauty products on the blogs and YouTube videos. I hear them say "This product is amazing, and it's good for your skin because it's natural" or "You should try to use as natural products as possible, they are good for you". I want to object to that, and decided to write a blog post about it.

More than 5 years ago, natural and organic beauty products started becoming popular in Japan. Some specialised shops like Cosme Kitchen, Crayon House and Terracuore were the pioneers. I was studying aromatherapy at that point, and I found myself totally into those products.

I thought artificial colouring, perfume and preservative as well as silicone, paraben, sulfate and those "chemicals" were bad for you, and can be a cause of cancers. I tried my best to avoid them, and I checked all the labels whenever I would buy beauty products, to make sure those were "safe". 

After a while, I found myself having breakouts on my skin. I thought it was stress or dry skin. I tried my best to cure it, I even went to a clinic as I was suffering from breakouts for more than 6 months at that point. The medicine didn't work. One day, in England actually, I had an opportunity to use a moisturiser which is not organic for a couple of days. I thought it would make my skin worse, as I believed that the organic ones were better. But it ended up clearing my skin up completely. That's when I realised that my skin was reacting towards the natural and organic products.

Since then, I stopped using organic skincare products. I stopped using organic shampoo and hair treatment as well. Then what happened? My skin became silky smooth like before, and my hair no longer looked like a bird's nest. Organic shampoo and conditioner that don't contain silicone contains oils instead, to make your hair feel smoother, which can stay on your scalp and get oxidized, that can cause an odor. It happened to me as well, and I used those products even more to get rid of the odor, which was just a negative spiral.

There are loads of chemicals you should avoid, such as paraben and artificial perfume. There are some natural preservatives that can be used instead of paraben. Essential oils can smell better than artificial perfume. But you need to remember that the natural and organic ingredients are not purified and sometimes contains impurities, which means it has a higher risk for your skin to react badly towards the ingredients. The natural ingredients are said to be sometimes stronger than chemicals, and chemicals are made for benefits (not only beauty purposes of course, but you know what I mean) whereas natural ingredients are just natural ingredients, they are not specially made for the beauty purposes. They have benefits as well, of course, but they also have impurities which can irritate your skin. It would be great if your skin doesn't react to it, but you should know that that's just you. Not everyone.

Some people react to chemicals, and some people react to natural ingredients. I am not sure what my skin did not agree with, but since I stopped using all organic products it has been in a very good condition. I still like some brands such as REN, balance me and Liz Earle that don't attack my skin. But on the other hand, I have so many brands (mainly organic ones) that broke me out so bad and I have been staying away from. 

I want to say to those people, especially influential bloggers and YouTubers, that natural ingredients cannot always be good for you. I hate it when people say "It's natural, so it's good for you". You need to know that it works for you because your skin agrees with it. There is a big difference.

I am not against the natural beauty products, there are tons of them that are good, and that I like. You should switch to natural products it for sure if your skin likes them, because they don't contain ingredients that feel good for now but could be harmful later. 

I'm against the people who say "You should go for natural beauty products, chemicals are bad!" or "Natural products would clear up your skin, as they are safer" or things like that, because that is not true. Look for products that your skin likes, not ONLY because the products are natural or organic.

LISSAGE Skin Maintainizer

LISSAGE Skin Maintainiser  5800yen
LISSAGE is a Japanese skincare brand that I had been eying on for years. Their products are developed based on "Collagen Maintenance System" as they think that the most important factor for beautiful skin is to provide good quality collagen, which accounts for 70% of your skin besides water. Skin Maintainiser is a moisturising lotion that you apply after cleansing your face with a cotton pad. It is a hybrid of lotion and moisturiser, which means that you don't need to apply moisturiser after this. They have 6 different types of
Skin Maintainiser that you can pick and choose depending on your skin type. 

O : For oily skin
N : For normal skin
OD1 : For combination skin
OD2 : For combination skin with a bit of dryness
D1 : For dry skin
D2 : For very dry skin

Have you noticed that it's got a unique handle? I first thought it was spray but it wasn't -it's got this handle so that it's much easier to make sure to use the same quantity each time. You need 3ml to moisturise your skin properly, and all you need to do is to pull the handle 3 times! Genius!

Their cotton pads  (300yen / 70 pads) are amazing too. It has 5 layers which make it so soft and fluffy. I've been using cotton pads that I purchase from Vitacost for years now, but I forgot how soft Japanese cotton pads are. Maybe it's because Asian people have thinner skin and we must be careful not to rub our skin too much, but they feel so so so good.

It's very moisturising yet not too heavy on my skin. I was a little concerned about the fact it's for dry skin, as my skin transforms to oily mess in spring and summer. But it does not feel "too moisturising" on my skin, and it leaves the surface of my skin smooth which makes it easy to put moisturiser and foundation on without waiting for it to absorb in the busy morning. Since I started using this lotion, I haven't had any dry patches and my skin feels hydrated. I love how it smells too -herbal and floral, kind of sophisticated scent that I cannot imagine anyone would dislike.

The cotton pads are very nice too, as they are not harsh on my skin at all. I have tried applying this lotion using my hands but it didn't work as good, so I always use a cotton pad. Since I started using this lotion every single day in the morning and night, my skin has not suffered from dryness and has been in a very good condition. It's definitely on a pricier side, but if you are suffering from dryness but do not like heavy moisturiser, you might want to give it a try.

CHANDY CO2 Gel Face Mask

CHANDY CO2 Gel Face Mask (3pcs)  3,045yen
Today I'm introducing you to this award-winning face mask that brings your dull skin back to life. It contains carbon dioxide that increases intracapillary oxygen content, which helps the skin's turnover by improving blood circulation. It also contains honey extract, Asian ginseng extract, soybean seed extract and some other plant extracts to the effect of carbon dioxide.

This box has 3 sets of the face mask. It's not something that comes in a tube or tub, which you can open and use instantly, it's a fresh face mask that you make each time.

This is the base, which looks and fells like jelly but does not particularly smell good.

Add the granulated powder...

And mix carefully not to do it perfectly. 

Can you see that it looks kind of puffy (if that the word? Or expanded?) ? You can even hear the small sound like fizzy water at this stage. 

It literally looks like champagne jelly or something (except the smell). I apply it on my skin and wait for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off. It's a very thick consistency and stays on where you applied without dripping off. I had tried some face masks that contains carbon dioxide before but they all stung and made my skin red. That's not always a bad thing, as it improves your blood circulation which means your skin can get flushed, but I felt quite uncomfortable with the sensation. Whereas this mask, doesn't sting at all which makes it super easy to wait for 20 minutes. 

Once you rinse off with warm water, you skin feels like baby's. When I first used this mask, I applied it only on the left half of my face to see the result. It was clear that it worked amazingly, as I could feel the difference on my skin. The left half of my face felt so smooth and plumped, whereas the skin on the right half felt much thinner than the one on the left if that makes sense...like a pancake and a crape!

My mum also tried it with me once, and she loved the effect it gave too. She was amazed how moisturised and plumped her skin felt. We both got addicted to this fabulous face mask, although it's not a purse-friendly product to be honest. You can buy a tube of Origins Drink Up Intensive which you can use like 30 times if not 50 times at the same price. But trust me, this face mask is a magic!!

Have you tried any face masks that contains carbon dioxide? Did it work for you?

Nature Conc Clear Lotion

Nature Conc Clear Lotion 
This is like a hybrid of Japanese moisturising lotion and clarifying toner. The Coix Seed extract clarifies your skin removing the dead skin sells, while hyaluronic acid, collagen and plant derived ceramide hydrate. 

It looks like it's beigy in this photo but it's actually clear. Some people say that you can clearly see the dirt on a cotton pad when you have wiped your face with it (I know it sounds a bit gross but it must be satisfying at the same time...) but it didn't happen to me. 

But that doesn't mean it doesn't work on me. It does make my skin feel soft and smooth, remove dulness and improves the skin complexion. It's such an amazing toner that I am totally obsessed with recently. I even stopped using my Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner which I had been loving until I discovered this product, because I just got addicted to how my skin feels after using it.

It doesn't contain any acids like AHA or BHA, which could be a bit harsh on your skin especially you are Asian, as we tend to have thinner skin, which makes it usable on daily basis. This fragrance free lotion which tones and hydrates at the same time also can be used in the morning as cleansing water. Another great thing about this affordable (it's around 800yen mark) lotion is that they have refill, that I'm thinking of purchasing once I've used up my current bottle.

What do you think of this product? Interested?

The best lip balm ever! Aquaphor Lip Repair Immediate Relief

Aquaphor Lip Repair Immediate Relief $3.86
My lips tend to get chapped all year round. Of course I have to keep moisturising them every 30 minutes during winter, and even in summer I cannot live without a lip balm. Not only are they dry but also they are surprisingly sensitive. When I use a product that my lips don't like, the skin starts peeling off and they become super dry. I tried so many lip balm in my life but nothing worked better that the one from Uriage. I repurchased their lip balm literally more than 20 times, and each one costs 1,040yen. But finally I found a lip balm that works better than Uriage on my stubborn lips. And this is only $3.86.

I love the packaging as you don't have to dip your finger into a jar every time you use it. I am not sensitive about hygiene and stuff but I just don't know what to do with a finger with greasy lip balm after applying it on my lips. Either I wipe it on a towel, or if I don't have one, I just rub it in on the back of my hands...do you have a problem?

It's like Vaseline but it does not contain petroleum jelly. It doesn't contain fragrance but it has this smell of ingredients which I don't mind. It makes my lips soft and smooth even when the skin is about to peel off. It doesn't sting, it doesn't make my lips too greasy that I can apply a lipstick on top. 

This is as effective as Uriage yet much cheaper. I repurchased two more tubes before I used up the first one. I carry one in my bag, and keep one on my table at home. I strongly recommend this lip balm to anyone who's suffering from dry lips.

What's your favourite lip balm?

A facial mask for relaxation...KAORI FACE PACK

KAORI FACE PACK  2100yen for 12 pcs
You know when you want to treat yourself to a soothing facial mask, it doesn't necessarily mean that you want to do something good for your skin. It's more like that you want to do something good for yourself. I sometimes use a face mask just to relax. And when I do that, a great scented face mask like Kaori Face Pack is required.

The facial mask comes in a pretty sky-blue box along with the clear spoon. The cute bowl is optional, you can use your own bowl to mix the organic green tea powder with 2 spoonful of water. This organic green tea powder contains hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 to hydrate your skin.

The powder smells divine. This is definitely one of the best smelling facial mask I have ever tried in my life. It literally smells of green tea, like very high quality natural green tea. For those who have never smelt Japanese green tea, it's totally different from what you have experienced with some Twinings green tea bags (please don't get me wrong, I LOVE Twinings green tea especially with apple and pear one, but green tea in western countries is different from the real green tea that we have in Japan), it smells fresher and a little bit bitter.

It becomes an amazing-smelling paste after 30 seconds. 

Once applied on the skin, it stays there without dripping off. Then you spend luxurious 3 minutes until rinsing it off, relaxing with the great scent of fresh green tea. I can leave it on for more than 30 minutes to enjoy the scent, however I would never do that because I noticed that it makes my skin feel a little bit tight when I leave it on a bit longer. 3 minutes is the maximum length in my opinion, any more longer would not be suitable for dry skin. I know it's weird because it's supposed to be hydrating with hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10....

It makes my skin feel fresh but to be honest I didn't feel it moisturising particularly. It's a shame as I have dry skin and was hoping it to hydrate my skin during this colder season. BUT I have been enjoying this face mask because of the amazing scent. It's such a perfect face mask when you want to pamper yourself and relax.

What is your favourite face mask for relaxation?

My favourite masks : Origins Drink Up & Drink Up Intensive

Origins Drink Up
Origins Drink Up Intensive
I know there are tons of blog posts about these amazing masks so I'm not going to ramble on about them. But since they are so amazing, and they have been my skin savior this winter, I just wanted to write a quick blog post about them.

So back in March when I went to London to visit my husband's family there, my sister-in-law, her husband and kids (by the way they are such amazing people, they are truly my dream family) took us to Bicester Village. My husband loves there so much and he can spend hours shopping. I'm not a big fan of any high-end brands (I love their bags and shoes but they all are made with leather...except Stella McCartney which isn't sold at Bicester) so I get bored after like 10 minutes. But when my sister-in-law and I went to the beauty shop, it was whole another story. I had so much fun there browsing, and I spotted Origins Drink Up which I didn't even hesitate to buy, especially because it was the last one.

When I was back in Japan and started using this mask, I fell in love. And I noticed that there was Drink Up Intensive which you can leave it on all night and don't need to wipe off. So I purchased it online here in Japan knowing that I didn't NEED to. Now I'm using them depending on my skin condition and my mood. So I'm going to write a bit of a comparison review.

Drink up -left-
It's got this creamy thin consistency which is easy to spread all over the face. I apply generous amount of it on my face after cleansing and leave it for more than 10 minutes, maybe about 15-20 minutes. It looks creamy white at the beginning but when my skin drinks it up (or maybe the face mask dries out...?) it becomes invisible. 

It has got this fruity scent which everyone seems to love. I love this scent too, it's just so yummy and amazing. To me it smells like peach but some people describe it as mango or tropical fruit. This scent definitely helps me to feel relaxed which is another benefit of using this face mask.

After 10 minutes, I just gently wipe the excess mask off with a cotton pad, then move on to the moisturiser I usually use. It makes my skin softer and plumper with moisture. 

Drink Up Intensive -right-

Compared to Drink up, Drink Up Intensive has got thicker consistency as you can see in the photos above. You apply it all over your face just like normal night cream, and go to sleep. You don't even need to wipe it off, you can just sleep with this face mask on. 

First I thought that sounded a bit gross, because I imagined a tacky heavy face mask sitting on top of my skin when I go to bed. But actually it's got this light texture which doesn't bother me at all. It feels just like normal night cream, but it does an AMAZING job. 

You can't tell much really when you apply it, but wait for 8 hours and feel your skin in the morning. You will be amazed. Whenever my skin needs a slap -or let's be gentle and say, need support- I use this face mask because it solves all the problems in one night. In the morning my skin looks brighter, plumper, much more hydrated and basically brilliant. 

So which one should you get if you only can get one? 
I strongly recommend getting Drink Up Intensive. It's very easy to use and more powerful in my opinion. Drink Up is also very nice and I'm glad I've got it, but Drink Up Intensive makes a huge difference while Drink Up makes my skin condition a bit better, if that makes sense. They both are 22 pound in the UK but my Drink Up was 15 pound at Bicester! 

Have you tried these masks? What's your favourite Origins product?

Predia Spa et Mer Fango Double Cleanse

Predia Spa et Mer Fango Double Cleanse 4,500yen
I consider myself a cleanser freak. I usually stock 3-4 different cleansers at least and choose which one to use depending on my skin condition or on my mood. Right now I'm using a cleanser from Simple and Let the Good Times Roll from LUSH in the morning, and enjoying using this one called Fango Double Cleanse to remove my makeup. The idea behind this product is that it removes your makeup while cleansing your skin and giving moisture back to it, so you don't need to double cleanse. I'm loving this cleanser for three reasons. 

First of all, the product brings this luxurious feeling to this boring (for some people, not for me) skincare process. The jar looks very pretty with a wooden details on the lid, but the inside is even more amazing. It looks like there is a deep ocean in the jar. The texture is very creamy and feels very nice on the skin, and it's very easy to spread all over the face. It has natural clay which attracts all the dirt including makeup and oxidised oil. 

Secondly, it smells AMAZING. When I opened the lid and looked inside for the first time, I thought it might smell a bit like...ocean. Not fishy, but the natural smell of clay. But it smells totally different, in a very positive way. It smells fresh and clean, that the brand describes the scent as "light green chypre". I love this scent so much that I don't mind sticking my nose into the jar. It's that good.

The final reason why I love this product is the way it cleanses my skin. It does remove all the makeup on my face including mascara and eyeliner, without stripping the oil from the skin. I literally need to massage it on my skin for like a minute or two, and some people complain that they cannot be bothered to take that long but for me it's a very fun process. The texture is easy to work with, and the scent is very pleasant that makes me feel relaxed. It doesn't make my skin squeaky clean after rinsing out, and I can feel that it has moisture inside. 

I strongly recommend this cleanser to those who are suffering from dry skin, because although it takes makeup off and deep cleanse your skin, it leaves moisture and makes your skin feel plumped. Since I started using this cleanser, the pores on my cheeks have been shrunken (I'm now actually using an amazing moisturiser too, which obviously has been contributing to pore constriction). It makes me look forward to cleansing my face at the end of the day, just to enjoy the feel of it as well as the amazing scent. It is pricey but the jar is pretty big and you don't need too much at a time, so I don't think it's overpriced at all. 

What do you think about this cleanser? And what's your favourite cleanser?

Nourish Revital-Eyes Eye Cream

Nourish Revital-Eyes Eye Cream £29.50 
My favourite UK brand Nourish has launched their first eyecream -in October I guess- and I am totally in love with it. According to the official website of Nourish, the eye cream is "Supercharged with peptides, amino acids, B vitamins and antioxidants to boost natural resilience against signs of aging." It contains vitamin-rich kale extract, macqui berry and pomegranate enzymes, which help counter puffiness and dark circles. Who doesn't want this miracle eye cream? Doesn't it sound amazing? But what's more amazing is the fact that it actually does work.

It feels like a creamy lotion when I apply it under my eyes. It's pretty loose and thin but it takes time to be absorbed so you need to keep massaging it into the skin for at least 20 seconds. The reason is when it's rubbed on the skin it turns milky white and it leaves the residue. I guess that's because it doesn't contain any harsh emulsifying agents, so I don't mind at all. Just remember you need to gently keep tapping with your ring finger until it completely absorbs otherwise you would look pretty ridiculous with while cream around your eyes.

It doesn't have a pleasant scent but that's because they wanted to make eye cream which doesn't irritate sensitive skin around the eyes. My skin has never reacted to fragrance including natural essential oils and artificial perfume, but I've heard there are people who are sensitive to any kind of fragrance, so if you are one of them, you can totally rely on this eye cream.

I use this eye cream every night before bed as well as in the morning before putting makeup on. When I was using  a thicker eye cream I avoided using it before makeup because it tend to ruin foundation and concealer. But with this product, it's completely opposite. It actually brightens up my eye area to prep for foundation and concealer and create a hydrated and smooth surface. With this eye cream, it's much easier to hide my dark circles.

You need a tiniest amount to moisturise your eye areas which makes this tiny bottle last for months. Considering the fact that I wasted so much money on worthless eye cream, I don't think it's too pricey. I would purchase it when my bottle is empty, hopefully with some discount codes from feelunique.com....! Overall it's a very good eye cream. What's your favourite eye cream?

Quality First All-in-One Sheet Masks

Quality First All-in-One Sheet Masks 1995yen
I'm sure they do exist in other countries too but in Japan, sheet masks are very popular. In the past year or so, it's getting more popular because some beauty brands launched economical sheet masks which you can use every day without spending loads of money. For exacmple this one from the brand Quality First has got 50 sheet masks and it conly costs 1995yen, which makes it 40 yen / sheet.

The masks are not individually wrapped which makes it hard to take some with you on travel. But look how many masks are in there! It takes more than a month to use them up even when you use one per day!

It's pretty small especially the eye areas but overall it fits my face very well. It claims to contain 18-bottles worth serum in one bag which I don't even know how many ml. The serum contains hyaluronic acid, ceramide, vitamin and 32 other ingredients to nourish your skin. It also contains a very unique ingredient called "baby collagen" which babies have a lot in their skin but they tend to lose it as they get older. It doesn't contain paraben, artificial colouring or fragrance, alcohol and oil.

What surprised me was that it doesn't dry out after leaving it on my skin for 15 minutes. It doesn't fall off from my face and it just sists there. It definitely moisturises my skin and makes it softer. I used to use face masks maybe once in 2 weeks or so because they are pretty pricey usually, but since I got this big bag of face masks which is very good quality for the price, I've been using it a few times a week when I have time.

I really love the idea of including a face mask into your daily sincare routine. What do you think? x