My favourite masks : Origins Drink Up & Drink Up Intensive

Origins Drink Up
Origins Drink Up Intensive
I know there are tons of blog posts about these amazing masks so I'm not going to ramble on about them. But since they are so amazing, and they have been my skin savior this winter, I just wanted to write a quick blog post about them.

So back in March when I went to London to visit my husband's family there, my sister-in-law, her husband and kids (by the way they are such amazing people, they are truly my dream family) took us to Bicester Village. My husband loves there so much and he can spend hours shopping. I'm not a big fan of any high-end brands (I love their bags and shoes but they all are made with leather...except Stella McCartney which isn't sold at Bicester) so I get bored after like 10 minutes. But when my sister-in-law and I went to the beauty shop, it was whole another story. I had so much fun there browsing, and I spotted Origins Drink Up which I didn't even hesitate to buy, especially because it was the last one.

When I was back in Japan and started using this mask, I fell in love. And I noticed that there was Drink Up Intensive which you can leave it on all night and don't need to wipe off. So I purchased it online here in Japan knowing that I didn't NEED to. Now I'm using them depending on my skin condition and my mood. So I'm going to write a bit of a comparison review.

Drink up -left-
It's got this creamy thin consistency which is easy to spread all over the face. I apply generous amount of it on my face after cleansing and leave it for more than 10 minutes, maybe about 15-20 minutes. It looks creamy white at the beginning but when my skin drinks it up (or maybe the face mask dries out...?) it becomes invisible. 

It has got this fruity scent which everyone seems to love. I love this scent too, it's just so yummy and amazing. To me it smells like peach but some people describe it as mango or tropical fruit. This scent definitely helps me to feel relaxed which is another benefit of using this face mask.

After 10 minutes, I just gently wipe the excess mask off with a cotton pad, then move on to the moisturiser I usually use. It makes my skin softer and plumper with moisture. 

Drink Up Intensive -right-

Compared to Drink up, Drink Up Intensive has got thicker consistency as you can see in the photos above. You apply it all over your face just like normal night cream, and go to sleep. You don't even need to wipe it off, you can just sleep with this face mask on. 

First I thought that sounded a bit gross, because I imagined a tacky heavy face mask sitting on top of my skin when I go to bed. But actually it's got this light texture which doesn't bother me at all. It feels just like normal night cream, but it does an AMAZING job. 

You can't tell much really when you apply it, but wait for 8 hours and feel your skin in the morning. You will be amazed. Whenever my skin needs a slap -or let's be gentle and say, need support- I use this face mask because it solves all the problems in one night. In the morning my skin looks brighter, plumper, much more hydrated and basically brilliant. 

So which one should you get if you only can get one? 
I strongly recommend getting Drink Up Intensive. It's very easy to use and more powerful in my opinion. Drink Up is also very nice and I'm glad I've got it, but Drink Up Intensive makes a huge difference while Drink Up makes my skin condition a bit better, if that makes sense. They both are 22 pound in the UK but my Drink Up was 15 pound at Bicester! 

Have you tried these masks? What's your favourite Origins product?