Nourish Revital-Eyes Eye Cream

Nourish Revital-Eyes Eye Cream £29.50 
My favourite UK brand Nourish has launched their first eyecream -in October I guess- and I am totally in love with it. According to the official website of Nourish, the eye cream is "Supercharged with peptides, amino acids, B vitamins and antioxidants to boost natural resilience against signs of aging." It contains vitamin-rich kale extract, macqui berry and pomegranate enzymes, which help counter puffiness and dark circles. Who doesn't want this miracle eye cream? Doesn't it sound amazing? But what's more amazing is the fact that it actually does work.

It feels like a creamy lotion when I apply it under my eyes. It's pretty loose and thin but it takes time to be absorbed so you need to keep massaging it into the skin for at least 20 seconds. The reason is when it's rubbed on the skin it turns milky white and it leaves the residue. I guess that's because it doesn't contain any harsh emulsifying agents, so I don't mind at all. Just remember you need to gently keep tapping with your ring finger until it completely absorbs otherwise you would look pretty ridiculous with while cream around your eyes.

It doesn't have a pleasant scent but that's because they wanted to make eye cream which doesn't irritate sensitive skin around the eyes. My skin has never reacted to fragrance including natural essential oils and artificial perfume, but I've heard there are people who are sensitive to any kind of fragrance, so if you are one of them, you can totally rely on this eye cream.

I use this eye cream every night before bed as well as in the morning before putting makeup on. When I was using  a thicker eye cream I avoided using it before makeup because it tend to ruin foundation and concealer. But with this product, it's completely opposite. It actually brightens up my eye area to prep for foundation and concealer and create a hydrated and smooth surface. With this eye cream, it's much easier to hide my dark circles.

You need a tiniest amount to moisturise your eye areas which makes this tiny bottle last for months. Considering the fact that I wasted so much money on worthless eye cream, I don't think it's too pricey. I would purchase it when my bottle is empty, hopefully with some discount codes from! Overall it's a very good eye cream. What's your favourite eye cream?