Quality First All-in-One Sheet Masks

Quality First All-in-One Sheet Masks 1995yen
I'm sure they do exist in other countries too but in Japan, sheet masks are very popular. In the past year or so, it's getting more popular because some beauty brands launched economical sheet masks which you can use every day without spending loads of money. For exacmple this one from the brand Quality First has got 50 sheet masks and it conly costs 1995yen, which makes it 40 yen / sheet.

The masks are not individually wrapped which makes it hard to take some with you on travel. But look how many masks are in there! It takes more than a month to use them up even when you use one per day!

It's pretty small especially the eye areas but overall it fits my face very well. It claims to contain 18-bottles worth serum in one bag which I don't even know how many ml. The serum contains hyaluronic acid, ceramide, vitamin and 32 other ingredients to nourish your skin. It also contains a very unique ingredient called "baby collagen" which babies have a lot in their skin but they tend to lose it as they get older. It doesn't contain paraben, artificial colouring or fragrance, alcohol and oil.

What surprised me was that it doesn't dry out after leaving it on my skin for 15 minutes. It doesn't fall off from my face and it just sists there. It definitely moisturises my skin and makes it softer. I used to use face masks maybe once in 2 weeks or so because they are pretty pricey usually, but since I got this big bag of face masks which is very good quality for the price, I've been using it a few times a week when I have time.

I really love the idea of including a face mask into your daily sincare routine. What do you think? x