CHANDY CO2 Gel Face Mask

CHANDY CO2 Gel Face Mask (3pcs)  3,045yen
Today I'm introducing you to this award-winning face mask that brings your dull skin back to life. It contains carbon dioxide that increases intracapillary oxygen content, which helps the skin's turnover by improving blood circulation. It also contains honey extract, Asian ginseng extract, soybean seed extract and some other plant extracts to the effect of carbon dioxide.

This box has 3 sets of the face mask. It's not something that comes in a tube or tub, which you can open and use instantly, it's a fresh face mask that you make each time.

This is the base, which looks and fells like jelly but does not particularly smell good.

Add the granulated powder...

And mix carefully not to do it perfectly. 

Can you see that it looks kind of puffy (if that the word? Or expanded?) ? You can even hear the small sound like fizzy water at this stage. 

It literally looks like champagne jelly or something (except the smell). I apply it on my skin and wait for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off. It's a very thick consistency and stays on where you applied without dripping off. I had tried some face masks that contains carbon dioxide before but they all stung and made my skin red. That's not always a bad thing, as it improves your blood circulation which means your skin can get flushed, but I felt quite uncomfortable with the sensation. Whereas this mask, doesn't sting at all which makes it super easy to wait for 20 minutes. 

Once you rinse off with warm water, you skin feels like baby's. When I first used this mask, I applied it only on the left half of my face to see the result. It was clear that it worked amazingly, as I could feel the difference on my skin. The left half of my face felt so smooth and plumped, whereas the skin on the right half felt much thinner than the one on the left if that makes a pancake and a crape!

My mum also tried it with me once, and she loved the effect it gave too. She was amazed how moisturised and plumped her skin felt. We both got addicted to this fabulous face mask, although it's not a purse-friendly product to be honest. You can buy a tube of Origins Drink Up Intensive which you can use like 30 times if not 50 times at the same price. But trust me, this face mask is a magic!!

Have you tried any face masks that contains carbon dioxide? Did it work for you?