A facial mask for relaxation...KAORI FACE PACK

KAORI FACE PACK  2100yen for 12 pcs
You know when you want to treat yourself to a soothing facial mask, it doesn't necessarily mean that you want to do something good for your skin. It's more like that you want to do something good for yourself. I sometimes use a face mask just to relax. And when I do that, a great scented face mask like Kaori Face Pack is required.

The facial mask comes in a pretty sky-blue box along with the clear spoon. The cute bowl is optional, you can use your own bowl to mix the organic green tea powder with 2 spoonful of water. This organic green tea powder contains hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 to hydrate your skin.

The powder smells divine. This is definitely one of the best smelling facial mask I have ever tried in my life. It literally smells of green tea, like very high quality natural green tea. For those who have never smelt Japanese green tea, it's totally different from what you have experienced with some Twinings green tea bags (please don't get me wrong, I LOVE Twinings green tea especially with apple and pear one, but green tea in western countries is different from the real green tea that we have in Japan), it smells fresher and a little bit bitter.

It becomes an amazing-smelling paste after 30 seconds. 

Once applied on the skin, it stays there without dripping off. Then you spend luxurious 3 minutes until rinsing it off, relaxing with the great scent of fresh green tea. I can leave it on for more than 30 minutes to enjoy the scent, however I would never do that because I noticed that it makes my skin feel a little bit tight when I leave it on a bit longer. 3 minutes is the maximum length in my opinion, any more longer would not be suitable for dry skin. I know it's weird because it's supposed to be hydrating with hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10....

It makes my skin feel fresh but to be honest I didn't feel it moisturising particularly. It's a shame as I have dry skin and was hoping it to hydrate my skin during this colder season. BUT I have been enjoying this face mask because of the amazing scent. It's such a perfect face mask when you want to pamper yourself and relax.

What is your favourite face mask for relaxation?