LISSAGE Skin Maintainizer

LISSAGE Skin Maintainiser  5800yen
LISSAGE is a Japanese skincare brand that I had been eying on for years. Their products are developed based on "Collagen Maintenance System" as they think that the most important factor for beautiful skin is to provide good quality collagen, which accounts for 70% of your skin besides water. Skin Maintainiser is a moisturising lotion that you apply after cleansing your face with a cotton pad. It is a hybrid of lotion and moisturiser, which means that you don't need to apply moisturiser after this. They have 6 different types of
Skin Maintainiser that you can pick and choose depending on your skin type. 

O : For oily skin
N : For normal skin
OD1 : For combination skin
OD2 : For combination skin with a bit of dryness
D1 : For dry skin
D2 : For very dry skin

Have you noticed that it's got a unique handle? I first thought it was spray but it wasn't -it's got this handle so that it's much easier to make sure to use the same quantity each time. You need 3ml to moisturise your skin properly, and all you need to do is to pull the handle 3 times! Genius!

Their cotton pads  (300yen / 70 pads) are amazing too. It has 5 layers which make it so soft and fluffy. I've been using cotton pads that I purchase from Vitacost for years now, but I forgot how soft Japanese cotton pads are. Maybe it's because Asian people have thinner skin and we must be careful not to rub our skin too much, but they feel so so so good.

It's very moisturising yet not too heavy on my skin. I was a little concerned about the fact it's for dry skin, as my skin transforms to oily mess in spring and summer. But it does not feel "too moisturising" on my skin, and it leaves the surface of my skin smooth which makes it easy to put moisturiser and foundation on without waiting for it to absorb in the busy morning. Since I started using this lotion, I haven't had any dry patches and my skin feels hydrated. I love how it smells too -herbal and floral, kind of sophisticated scent that I cannot imagine anyone would dislike.

The cotton pads are very nice too, as they are not harsh on my skin at all. I have tried applying this lotion using my hands but it didn't work as good, so I always use a cotton pad. Since I started using this lotion every single day in the morning and night, my skin has not suffered from dryness and has been in a very good condition. It's definitely on a pricier side, but if you are suffering from dryness but do not like heavy moisturiser, you might want to give it a try.