5 year journal

Sometimes I wonder what I was doing and thinking last year today. I lived that day, but it feels like the day is gone because I don't remember anything of it. I can't even remember what I was doing last Wednesday. Do you?

That's why I decided to keep this journal on my table and write my thoughts every night before going to bed. I bought this in January on Amazon and have been keeping it religiously since then. It's not a normal diary like you write whatever you want that day, which tends to be quite negative and boring in my case, it's got 365 questions that you answer.

Some questions are easy to answer, some questions make me think deeply and bring new meaning to my day. Some questions make me realise what I really am thinking in my head, which I couldn't have noticed without answering them.

As you answer the same questions every year for the next 5 years, you will see the change of yourself. By writing a few lines every day, I feel like my days became more meaningful somehow. And also I'm so looking forward to reading it back when I'm 35!

It's pretty thick but small, it won't take too much space in your suitcase even when you are traveling. 

Are you keeping a journal?  

5 year journal -Amazon