My first ever Nail Wrap experience!

I received this set of nail wraps as a PR sample the other day. This was my first ever nail wraps to try out, and I was pretty excited to explore! This one has got 20 nail wraps in it, in different patterns and sizes. 

It was much easier to apply than I imagined. All you have to do is clean your nail surface, place the nail wrap, gently push it so that it sticks to the nail, then file the excess part. 

I'm not sure about the quality of this particular nail wrap because it got shrunken by the top coat and it got well-creased! I don't think it's supposed to be like this but it happened the moment I applied the top coat. Other than that I kind of like this nail wrap as it lasts a few days and it looks pretty cool. I like paring this pattern with red or dark green nail polish.

I'm interested in the nail wraps from essie, has anyone tried it yet? What's your thought?