Caress Shower Gel -Worth the hype?

Caress Shower Gel in Passionate Spell
Some people may not care much about shower gels, but I do. I am a shower gel freak, I've got like 5 different shower gel bottles in my bathroom. I'm trying not to buy more but if I wasn't, I would be owning more than 50 bottles,  I swear! 

I didn't know anything about Caress until Tati mentioned in one of her videos. She was raving about how amazing it smelt and said that she had repurchased it several times. Whenever someone says "This shower gel smells heavenly" I get tempted to get it. I want to know what it smells like, and I just want to add it into my shower gel collection. I looked for a website that would ship Caress shower gel to Japan but I didn't find any, so I just gave up.

A few months later, I found those colourful bottles on the shelf at American Pharmacy when I was shopping in Shibuya. I smelt all of them and decided to pick this scent up. It was a few weeks later that I found out this scent is the exact one that Tati and Fleur were raving about.

The scent is described as a blend of Passionfruit and Fiery Orange Rose, but I don't smell any of them.  I smell a sweet caramel-like scent with a hint of sourness. It smells divine, like seriously divine. It could be the best smelling shower gel I've ever used in my life. It smells very sweet but it's not overpowering at all. It leaves the subtle sweet scent on my body after use which lingers for a while, but not too long. 

To me it smells a bit like Prada Candy L'eau that I've been wearing none-stop since last autumn. The only difference is that Prada Candy L'eau is pretty heavy and sweet that I might not wear during the summer, but Caress Passionate Spell is much lighter and has a tiny bit of a fruity scent which makes it usable when the weather is much warmer. 

I smelt 4 other ones at the store but this one was the best for sure. Other ones especially the purple one (I guess it was Sheer Twilight) was pretty perfumy and overpowering to me. 

Have you tried anything from Caress? What is your favourite scent? Let me know!