Beauty Destinations in Japan

I often get messages though this blog from girls from different countries, asking where they should go to to pick up Japanese beauty bits when they come to Japan. I always write them back, but most of the time they don't write me back once they've got the answer (phew!) so I thought to write a blog post about it so that I can share the information with a lot of people at once!

If you're on the hunt for drugstore beauty products...

Matsu-Kiyo is the biggest drugstore in Japan. You see the yellow sign everywhere especially in Tokyo. Some are bigger than the others, but I'm not sure which branch is the biggest. They have anything from toiletries to makeup, as well as medicines of course as it's a drugstore.

Don-Qui is a discount store that has many branches in Japan. They sell anything from video games, stationary, food, cos-play costumes, and of course beauty products. I don't particularly enjoy the atmosphere as it's so noisy and always crowded, but if you are looking for Japanesey goods at low price, you might want to drop by.


Tokyu Hands is a "home centre" that you can get daily goods inclusing DIY stuff and party materials. I sometimes go to Tokyu Hands just to browse, as they often have interesting goods. It depends on a branch but they often carry Japanese drugstore beauty brands such as CANMAKE, ettusais, excel, CEZANNE and many more. 

4) Loft

Loft is similar to Tokyu Hands, but I strongly recommend going to Loft if you go to Shibuya. The beauty floor at Shibuya Loft is heaven for beauty junkies. The entire floor is full of beauty bits, where I can be browsing for hours. They also have a wide variety of natural beauty products. There are shop assistants who have good knowledge about the products as well, and it's really handy to have them as they don't belong to any specific brands.


They mainly carry imported goods such as stationary, snacks, fashion items and beauty bits, but they also carry Japanese products when it comes to the beauty section. Their pricing isn't a purse-friendly compared to the drugstores, but it's a fun store to look around.

Department Store

Isetan is one of the biggest department stores in Japan. Shinjuku branch opened in 1933, and about 30,000,000 people visit the branch per year. I strongly recommend you to stop by if you are into luxurious and natural / organic brands. On the ground floor you would find major luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, Tom Ford, Armani as well as NARS, Jo Malone and MAC, and on the B2 floor called Beauty Apothecary, you will be surrounded by natural beauty products from all over the world. You will never get bored.

Along with Fashion Shopping...

If you are greedy like me, or don't have much time to go beauty shopping, you can stop by Opeque Marunouchi. It's got 2 floors including fashion items, beauty bits, hair salon and florist. Marunouchi is a very nice area to shop, and you have another shopping building KITTE to stop by as well.

Hikarie opened 2 years ago and has been one of the main commercial complex in Tokyo. You can enjoy shopping for hours if you are into fashion, interior and beauty, and there are many nice restaurants and cafe that you can take a break at, as well. They have Jo Malone, Aveda, Diptyque, SABON, LISSAGE, Ayura, RMK, Three,  Shiseido, and many more popular brands such as Dior, Clinique and DE LA MER. It also have Cosme Kitchen that I will write more about after this. I like American Pharmacy where you can buy Caress Shower Gel!

For the Organic Beauty lovers...

The pioneer of the organic beauty craze in Japan, Cosme Kitchen opened their first branch in Daikanyama in 2004. They only carry natural and organic beauty products, and the shop assistants are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. It's a must-see if you are into natural beauty products!

Hope it helps, enjoy your time in Japan! x