Cuti Series -Hair care products that have a shape-memory effect!

Cuti Series Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mist and Styling Cream
What does "Hair care products that have a shape-memory effect" sound to you? Apparently those products make you hair shiny and smooth, and the effect lasts for up to a week.

Shampoo 3460yen
I didn't expect this weird colour from the cute bottle. It's got this very loose texture that it leaks from between my fingers and I end up wasting the product. I'm not complaining! It has a very pleasant scent that I absolutely love. It's a very fresh and a bit feminine scent. It lathers up very well, and it does not leave my hair tangly despite the fact it does not contain silicone. The cleansing ingredient in this shampoo is 100% amino acid that makes protein which composes hair.

Conditoner 3360yen
This conditioner doesn't contain silicone either but does repair your hair with amino acid and vegetamide which is ion-complex that repairs permed and coloured hair from inside...if that makes sense. You know all those features are really hard to understand and it's even harder to explain when I don't fully understand. Thank you for your understanding. 

Moving on!

So, again, the texture is pretty loose and light. It never feels enough with this conditioner, I use about 3 pumps on my hair but still it feels too light for my damaged hair. Maybe it's because I am now used to silicone based conditioner and hair mask that works the best for my fine tangly hair. 

Cuti Mix Hair Mist 1940yen
This hair mist can be used in the shower but I only use it as a leave-in hair mist. It contains this special ingredient which I couldn't find the spelling in English, that gives shine to your hair and keep the smoothness for a week.

I use this hair mist before blow-dry and it makes my hair smell amazing, and gives shine as it claims. This special ingredient works with heat for some reason, so the more you blow-dry, the shinier your hair gets. That's a miracle, don't you think? Since I started using this product, I haven't been feeling guilty using a hair dryer.

Cuti Mix Styling Cream 1510yen
This styling cream has SPF10 PA+ which protects your hair from sun damage. And it has Nano Repair that maintains highlights and colouring, and Keratin Protein to keep the curls if you have permed hair. I have permed and coloured hair, which means this product is made for me ;)

It also smells amazing, and it defines my curls beautifully. I don't even need my mousse when I use this cream, as it works as good as the mousse to create beautiful curls!

Phew, it took ages introducing the products. This is how my hair looks after using all of those products above. Pretty nice, isn't it? It smells amazing and makes my hair smooth and shiny. Unfortunately I didn't feel the "shape-memory effect" as my hair is permed, but according to their website it's easier to see the effect when you have straight or naturally wavy hair.

My favourite is definitely the hair mist, as it works with the heat and I think that is just amazing. Gosh my hair looks amazing in this photo, I love this colour called "Mermaid Ash" which is my favourite colour. I always get this colour, every 3 month, but it only lasts for a week as my hair cannot hold it :( 

What's your favourite haircare products at the moment?