A new whitening formula! Organic Rose Skin Conditioner

Organic Rose Skin Conditioner -Whitening formula
Some of you may remember I was raving about Organic Rose Skin Conditioner before. I loved the lotion very much, as it helped balancing my skin and made it stable. While I was using the lotion, my skin didn't break out nor felt dry. Considering the price (I think it was about 1200yen), I thought it was such a lovely product for everyday use. They just came out with this new whitening formula which I received to review. The packaging looks the same as the original, just in blue.

I usually use a cotton round to apply the lotion, but you can use your hands like the most of Japanese people do so. It contains placenta extract to brightens the skin and organic rose water to hydrate. Placenta extract grosses me out, the website does not say what it's derived from but I am hoping it's plant derived placenta (yes that exists, such as melon placenta).

It smells divine just like the original. I love how natural the scent is, it doesn't smell artificial or too perfumy. When applied on the skin, it feels cooling and soothing. Not sure if it's supposed to have a cooling sensation, but it feels very nice on the skin in my opinion. It never irritates my skin, and has got this perfect texture to use in the morning before makeup.

It helps a serum or moisturiser -whatever you apply next- to sink in better, and also balances the skin's pH balance. As I am quite pale for Japanese, I am not keen on whitening, but I have some dark spots I want to erase. I am not sure if this lotion helps, but I am looking forward to seeing the result!