Shiseido d program Moist Care

I'm aware there are tons of people who dislike the word 'moist' and for those 'most care' must sound horrific. But just hear me out, this Moist Care range from Shiseido d program is absolutely amazing. If you have dry / sensitive skin, this is what you need in your life.

d program Moist Care Lotion  3,780yen
This lotion is super gentle, moisturising yet not heavy or tacky at all. The 125ml bottle is a little smaller compared to any other lotions that I own, but it's very handy that it comes with a pump. Take one pump of the lotion on your palms, gently press them onto the face until it's absorbed. Repeat the same thing again, to supple your skin.

I am lazy and inpatient, so I prefer to use a cotton pad to apply the lotion. I have mentioned here before that cotton pads aren't recommended here in Japan unless they are very thick and fluffy (check out ALBION, they have such amazing cotton pads) as Japanese people have thin and sensitive skin that shouldn't be rubbed. I have hyper pigmentation under my eyes which was caused by myself rubbing my eyes too much when I was younger, and possibly because I used the makeup wipes to remove my eye makeup when I was a teenager. Because I have experienced the downside of rubbing my skin, I am very careful whenever I use a cotton pad. I apply lotion quite a lot that it completely wet the cotton pad -which seems to be a waste of product but cotton actually pushes back the moisture whereas your palms absorb it.

So I take 3-4 pumps of the lotion on a cotton pad, gently swipe my skin with it, and place the pad on my cheeks or where I feel dry for a couple of minutes. It makes my skin very moisturised that I feel like I even can skip my moisturiser -which I never do though. As it doesn't contain fragrance, it's suitable to the skin which is sensitive to essential oils / artificial fragrance.

As I use about 8 pumps a day, I used up a half of it within 10 days or so. I know I shouldn't be bathing in it but it's keeping my skin moisturised so I am happy about it. I wish it wasn't as expensive as it is...

d program Moist Care Emulsion  4,104yen
They just reformulated this emulsion and the new one is available online ahead of the official launch on 21 / November. It moisturises skin while protecting it from the dryness. The 'gel balls' inside of the formula -which you can't feel- burst when applied on the skin to supply hydration and moisturisation.

Emulsion is another unique step seen in Japan. I personally don't use emulsion but I believe a lot of Japanese women are using it. Some people use emulsion instead of moisturiser but you are supposed to finish up your skincare routine with a good moisturiser. I do not use this emulsion in the morning because it contains oil which isn't perfect for combination skin, but it makes my skin soft when I use it at night.

It looks pretty thick but when applied on the face, it goes on smoothly and sinks in quickly. It leaves a slightly moisturising 'veil' on the surface of the skin, which goes away once it's completely absorbed. I always apply night cream on top which makes my face like a grease ball anyway, so I don't care how shiny my face looks when the only task left to me is to go to bed.

They also have different ranges which you can choose depending on your skin type. The blue one is Balance Care Program for dehydrated skin, the orange one is Acne Care Program for acne prone skin, and the purple one is Ageing Care Program for mature skin. I think Balance Care Program is suitable to my skin, and suspected that Moist Care would be too heavy but it actually works OK for my skin!

They have mini sets of trial sized products too which makes it easier for you to try out. I love it when a skincare brand comes out with mini sets especially when the full size products are pretty pricey. Check out d program if you have sensitive skin!