Three Shimmering Lip Jam Moon Whisper

Three Shimmering Lip Jam / Moon Whisper  3,240yen
If you ask me which Japanese beauty brands I recommend, I would answer THREE and ADDICTION. ADDICTION is like a Japanese version of NARS, and THREE is...well, very unique and different. THREE is famous for their beautiful shop in Aoyama, Tokyo called THREE AOYAMA where you can shop their products, have healthy food and experience their relaxing treatment. The layout of the shop is simple yet sophisticated, and their café serves healthy and yummy food and drink. Their spa is open from 7:30 in the morning, and though I have never had their treatment, I heard it's amazing. One thing you need to be careful is that they reject any customers who have tattoos -even a tiny one. They opened THREE AOYAMA a few years ago but I've been a fan of the brand for more than 5 years I believe. Possibly since their debut.

First of all, their skincare products smell divine. If you like a spa-like aromatherapeutic scents, you will love their products. Their oil cleanser is one of their best-sellers. Secondly, their makeup products are also lovely they always bring out very simple, conservative yet beautiful products.

Though I do not buy high-end makeup products often, I couldn't resist purchasing this beautiful lipgloss when it came out as one of their holiday limited products in November. A couple of days before the launch, I went to THREE AOYAMA and tried this lipgloss on. I didn't expect to like it much, but it was one of the most beautiful lipgloss I had ever tried. On the launch day I purchased it online from Isetan Website.

There are 4 limited shades came out in November. They contain 'moonlight pearl' that makes your lips glowing from within. My shade is Moon Whisper, such a beautiful yellow toned pink. The texture is very comfortable to wear on the lips, not too sticky yet stays on the lips for a couple of hours without touch-up. I also like the fact it doesn't have fragrance which makes it suitable in any scenes.

It instantly brightens up the complexion once applied and gives such a gorgeous glowing effect to the lips. It makes them look plumped and 'juicy' -though I hate the word for some reason- and I cannot rave enough about it. Blue toned pink looks awful on me, so I usually avoid pinky lip products but this one is absolutely beautiful. The glitter particles are super tiny that you don't feel at all, yet the effect of them is visible.

The chic packaging design under the theme of moon and dark sky is also unique. I've been wearing it almost every day since I got it, as it goes well with any kind of makeup. It looks beautiful with natural makeup, and it enhances the whole look worn with smoky eyes. Though it's pink, it's not a kiddish pink -it's such an elegant pink for grownup women. I highly recommend this shade if you have olive or neutral skin tone, or if you are looking for a natural pink lipgloss.