My Current Skincare Routine


This has been my morning cleanser since I got it from Boots back in August. I actually wanted FACE SOAP AND CLARITY but it was HUGE that I was too worried about the weight of my baggage. I picked this one up instead simply because it's smaller. It contains peach and goji berry extracts that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, along with exfoliating beads that gently removes dead skin cells. It smells gorgeous just like Peaches and Clean, and I love the moisturising feeling it leaves on my skin after use. I absolutely love Soap and Glory.

This lotion from a Japanese skincare brand Homeo Beau contains amino acids that structure NMF -the moisturising factor you naturally have in your skin- to replenish it to increase the moisture level of the skin. It also contains fulleren, lipidure and vitamin C derivative as well. This lotion does not leave ANY oily residue on the skin, which makes it a perfect lotion in the morning for my combination skin.

I was 100% against the idea of applying oil on my skin before makeup. My skin gets pretty oily during the day which melts the foundation and make me look super greasy and disgusting, which is why I used to use oil-free moisturiser. I got this oil as part of their special kit, and the shop assistant told me that some people say this oil reduces the oil production during the day. I thought that was just a sales-talk to convince me to buy the kit. But I was wrong, this oil blew my mind, literally! It DOES balance the skin meaning your face doesn't get oily nor dry during the day. It sinks into the skin within a second, which really impressed me. It's a magical oil for sure. 

I got it in my beauty box which is my favourite beauty box EVER. I had never tried a decent sized sample from Elemis before, but this product made me fall in love with the brand. Though this cream is for normal to dry skin, it's not too heavy for my combination skin. Maybe it's because of the weather, the air is absolutely dry that I need extra moisture. It smells lovely -I guess it's Neroli which is giving this pleasant scent. I need to absorb excess oil with tissue after applying this moisturiser as it leaves an oily feel on the skin, and doesn't sink in quickly, but overall it's a very nice cream.

When Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream is a little too heavy, I use this moisturiser from Caudalie. I got it in the same beauty box. I have used this cream before, I purchased the full size one 2 years ago and used it up within a couple of months as I used it every single day during the summer. I love the scent, and how it feels on the skin -very light yet not drying. It's not moisturising enough for dry skin for sure, but if you have oily to combination skin, you will like it I guess.

To finish up my morning skincare routine, I use LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub to remove any dead skin cells on the lips. I have very dry lips no matter what season I'm in, so lip scrub is a must-have item for me. I used to have Mint Julep Scrub from LUSH and I very much enjoyed it, I especially loved how sweet it tasted when it accidentally got into my mouth. Popcorn Scrub smells sweeter, because it smells like caramel popcorn, but as it contains sea salt it's pretty salty which I am not a big fan of....still it's a good lip scrub.

The best cleansing balm I've ever tried followed by the balm from Evelom. Having a texture like honey, it melts makeup within 30 seconds completely. I love how fresh it smells, and how smooth the skin feels after use. It cleanses, moisturises and exfoliates at the same time. What more do I want? 

This lotion is very thick that I definitely need a cotton pad to apply. It's a very intense lotion that feels like a serum. Though it claims to plump the skin, I haven't noticed any difference of my skin to be honest. But I like the powdery scent and the texture, so I will keep using until it gets empty. 

I now understand what people have been raving about it for years! When I tried on my skin a long time ago to see what the hype is about, it felt very oily and sitting on the skin surface. It does sit on the skin much longer compared to Daily Reviving Concentrate, although it doesn't feel too oily for some reason. Containing Evening Primrose, it reconstructs the skin barrier and reduces the oil production. The lavender scent is soothing, too. I noticed my pores looked smaller the next morning, and my skin definitely is much more firming than before.

I bought my first product from First Aid Beauty, finally! And this thick cream which contains oatmeal and shea butter makes my skin feel thicker, even. I know it sounds strange but it really does feel like my skin is plumped and got thicker. I first didn't like the feel it sits on the skin, because I don't like my pillow case sticking on my face, but I am not used to it. It's not the fastest absorbing cream in the world, but I do like it. P.S. I am not a big fan of the scent either -it's a little bit like Oronine Ointment.

This tiny tube -which is almost empty- lasted for ages. I liked how it reduced the appearance of my dark circles when was given the sample sachet, and decided to purchase the full size. But now I'm using it up, I don't see the effect that I felt when I used the sample. I am not going to repurchase it.

I hope you enjoyed the post!