Shiseido Integrate Matsu-iku Girls' Lash Otemba Curl

Shiseido Integrate Matsu-iku Girls' Lash Otemba Curl 1,296yen
As you may know already, I am very fussy when it comes to mascara. Japanese mascaras are designed for Japanese lashes -short and growing straight down that don't hold a curl. That is why you find that the most of Japanese mascaras have fibres in them to make your lashes longer. Also Japanese people love waterproof ones to avoid smudging and 'panda eyes'.

I have quite long lashes that hold a curl, which means when I use a mascara with loads of fibres in it, my lashes look too long and kind of freaky. I hate it when fibres make your lashes look wonky, too. I also don't like a waterproof mascara because it's pain in the butt to remove at night, and nothing is more annoying than looking in a mirror finding your mascara hasn't been removed after washing your face.

Integrate Matsu-iku Girls' Lash in Otemba Curl  -such an odd name, though. Matsu-iku means growing lashes and Otemba means tomboy- is everything that I don't like about a mascara. It's got fibres and the comb wand which I don't like, and it's waterproof. I thought it would be a disaster. But you know what, I am in love with this mascara.

First I thought this curvy comb wouldn't do anything to my lashes besides making them look wonky. But actually, it does the trick! It's very hard to explain but let me try...basically, when you apply the mascara on the centre of your lashes, you place the comb at the same angle as the lashes -I know it doesn't make sense, but I can't find any other way to explain this! I mean, the comb should be fitting the shape of your eye. Then, when you apply it on the outer corner of your lashes, flip the comb and use it like a spoon. Like, scooping your lashes with the comb. That way, your lashes curls upwards and they hold it hours and hours.

Despite the fact it's got tons of fibres, it's not clumpy at all. It coats each lash and separate them, for a voluminous and fuller look. I love the fact that it doesn't stick the lashes together, too. Though I wish it was a 'film mascara' that washes off with warm water, I am obsessed with this mascara because I love how it makes my lashes look.

Don't worry about a little smudge of mascara under the eye, I didn't notice I failed on applying it on my bottom lashes. Honestly, it's unnoticeable in real life! Anyway, how gorgeous my lashes look!? It looks like I'm waring false lashes. Every time I put a photo of my eye makeup wearing this mascara on Instagram, I get compliments or questions about which mascara I use.

This has been the mascara that I reach for on daily basis the most recently, because it never makes me want to start my makeup all over again which sometimes happens when I accidentally apply an old mascara that's kind of dried up and made my lashes look clumpy and smudgy and miserable. I apply makeup at 7am, and come home from work around 10-11pm on the weekdays, and still my lashes look exactly the same as they did in the morning. Incredible.

If you are a fan of separated lashes, I highly recommend this mascara along with Heroine Mascara.