Hada Labo Shiro-jyun Brightening Sorbet

Hada Labo Shiro-jyun Brightening Sorbet
Summer is finally here in Tokyo and I cannot be happier! Although we're in middle of the raining season technically, it felt like summer last weekend. If you're thinking of switching some of your skincare items to something summer-appropriate, why not try the new addition to Hada Labo Shiro-Jyun series launched a couple of months ago called Brightening Sorbet?

The formula with a brightening ingredient tranexamic acid will calm down inflammation -which is known to encourages melanin to grow, and prevent dark spots. Its cooking and refreshing texture is kind of innovative, and I find it very enjoyable to use.

It comes with a spatula which I usually don't like but with this product it's necessary. As you can see the texture is like a solid oil, so if you dig your fingers into the jar directly, you will end up with the moisturiser under your nails which can be irritating.

Once it's applied, it starts melting by the warmth of the skin. As it contains menthol, it gives a very refreshing and cooling feel to the skin which would be very nice when your skin is burnt after a long day out on the beach or something. It also contains Witchhazel to tighten the pores, Saxifrage to moisturise and Edelweiss to calm the skin.

The scent surprised me more than the texture to be honest -because usually Hada Labo products are unscented, but this product has a very nice floral scent to it. It's definitely floral but not too heavy or sweet as you might expect from the word 'floral', it's more like a fresh and clean scent.

I usually apply a small amount on my palm and rub my hands together to melt it a little bit, but if you want to cool down your burnt skin, you might prefer to apply it directly to the skin.

I like how moisturising yet not greasy this moisturiser is. It's perfect for normal to combination skin, but might be a little too light for dry skin. You can store it in the fridge to make it even cooler! It's such a lovely moisturiser for under 1,500yen ;)