Integrate Beauty Trick Eyebrow

Integrate Beauty Trick Eyebrow  1,080yen*
Before I start my review on Integrate Beauty Trick Eyebrow, let me apologise for not being able to update my blog for ages. It had been hectic until the middle of July, now everything's settled down and I am finally able to sit and work on my blogs...though I still have more than 500 unedited photos...

Anyway, moving on to the review! I was given this product to review last month, and I was impressed with the quality of 1000yen palette! Integrate has always been one of my favourite drugstore brands -their Beauty Filter Foundation is simply brilliant, and Matsuiku-Mascara makes my lashes look unreal. In that context, no wonder why this palette wowed me.

The left shade is a beautiful none-shimmery cream shade that is perfect for a natural highlight. It looks very natural when applied on the nose and the brow bones. You know sometimes beauty bloggers / YouTubers put a shimmery highlighter on the tip of their nose which honestly looks very strange, THAT never happens with this kind of highlighter.

I use an eyeshadow brush to apply the highlighter, or you can use a sponge applicator to make it more intense.

2nd from the left is a contouring shade, and is my favourite shade out of four. It's a little bit ashy but not muddy -and again it's not shimmery either that makes contouring very natural. You can use this shade to fill in the sparse areas along with the next shade, which is the 3rd one from the left.

The right shade is ideal to draw the end of the brows if you're missing the part -like me. It is not too dark and intense, which means you never end up with that horrible 'instagram brow'.

This is the finished look of my brow! It's pretty impressive to achieve this look without help of a pencil, especially the end part of it. My brows are kind of chopped off and I need to draw 1/3 of it and I usually use Brow Pomade from Anastasia or an eyebrow pencil. The main reason is because it's easier to draw a thin line with those products, whereas eyebrow powder can look blurry sometimes. But this powder is intense and pigmented enough.

It's compact, and does fit into the smallest makeup bag I own. Plus it comes with a brush which is not the best quality every but at the same time, not the worst either. I appreciate the brush to use on the go especially when it's super affordable...!

By the way, do you know what Japanese girls are trying to achieve by using this product? Did you think it would be a sculpted and defined face like western girls are? Actually, Japanese girls are all about a small face. Just like they are always trying to get slimmer no matter how thin they actually are, they are aiming to make their face look smaller by the beauty gadgets, skincare products and makeup techniques. In Japan, defined cheek bones do not represent beauty, but a small face does! So what 'Trick Eyebrow' means is that it does the trick to make your face look smaller ;)