Integrate Snipe Eyeliner in Shiny Sunset

Integrate Snipe Eyeliner in Shiny Sunset  1,026yen
I have been into orange eye makeup for a while. I always though warm toned eyeshadow such as pink and orange would make my eyes look smaller, especially when a winged eyeliner is not involved. But this eyeliner came along and it completely changed my perception.

I had heard a lot of good things about Integrate Snipe Eyeliner, but I had never tried it because I always missed a chance to get their limited shade which comes out occasionally in addition to their basic shades which I had never been interested in; black and brown.

But this time, I didn't miss out! The shade I got is 'Shiny Sunset' which is a beautiful orange shade with a bit of glitter. Its twist-up packaging makes it easy to use it up.

The pencil is very creamy that it glides on when it touches the skin. It doesn't drag the skin which is always a good thing for an eyeliner.

It goes well with a simple makeup like the photos above, or sometimes I wear some peachy and orangey shades on the crease to emphasise the colours. I LOVE how fresh it looks, which might sound a little weird to say considering the fact we are going towards autumn / winter -but I'm going to wear this look all year round!

I also love that this eyeliner is metallic, it catches the light and adds a bit of gorgeous and sophisticated feel to the look. Imagine if it was matte -it would look kind of boring and tacky in my opinion!

I wonder why they don't launch 10 different shades as a permanent collection...they'd sell well for sure! I cannot wait for them to release another limited shade, they have an amazing sense of colour so whatever they'd release, I will buy.

It was launched a couple of months ago but I still spot it here and there in Tokyo, and also available online.