The year I will remember forever

2016 became the year I will remember forever. It passed in the blink of an eye, but it was a very hard one at the same time. No wonder, because it was my Yaku year. Yaku means badluck / unluckiness in Japanese, and Yaku year is an unlucky year as you may imagine. For a girl, the age of 19, 33, 37 and 61 are Yaku years but bare in mind that you must add one year to your actual age -don't ask me why because I have no idea. So I was 32+1=33 in 2016, meaning it was my biggest Yaku year. 

Which kind of explains why quite a few upsetting things happened throughout the year -there was an incident that affected my financial situation massively, I got mugged and lost my phones, camera, all the photos taken in London by then and beautiful makeup products I was carrying around, then my father passed away while I was away from Japan, I was taken to hospidal by ambulance and I decided to leave the company I worked for quite a few years due to harassment. What a year.

It sounds like a horrible year but to me, it was 'the year of change'. Many things ended and the same amount of things started. I finally was able to spend enough time in London to judge whether I really liked the life in the U.K. which was my dream of 17 years. That costed me a fortune and my bank is empty at the moment but I have no regret because now I am 100% sure the U.K. is where my heart belongs and where I should be living in. I made an objective analysis of my life and reached the conclusion which I wouldn't have been able to do in Japan. So now, I am even more ready to strive for my goals this year. It might take a while for me to save up but I will try my best so that I can move to the country my soul shines. 

...until then, I will try my best to write one or two posts per week on this blog, constantly!