Skinfood Nail Vita in Redstone

Skinfood Nail Vita 350yen

Skinfood is a Korean beauty brand. Their products contain extract from food including fruits, vegetables and even caviar. They have very unique products such as a facial mask with kiwi extract, chocolate soap, strawberry toner and tomato sunscreen. I had never tried their products but this nail polish caught my eyes when I was shopping with a friend of mine.

First of all it's very cheap. In Japan O.P.I and Essie are around 3000yen, and even crappy ones usually cost more than 500yen except the ones from 100yen shop. So, 350yen for nail polish is very cheap and I wanted to try out to see how it works.

The colour is called Redstone and it's got the red glitters. I like the colour especially in the moment I apply, but when it gets dry the colour gets lost somehow and it doesn't look as beautiful as I expected.

And the brush sucks. Overall it's not my favoruite nail polish at all to be honest, I wish the brush was a bit harder than it is now and the formula was just...better! 

Have you heard of skinfood before? Do you think you would try their unique products?