ZOYA Nail Polish in Avril

I always liked gel-nail more than nail polish because I didn't like the fact that it takes more than 1 hour to apply nail polish neatly and dry carefully but it only lasts a couple of days. Sometimes it gets chipped after a day. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but it just doesn't last long. But recently I actually CAN be bothered to re-apply nail polish every 2 days because I like that I can change it according to my mood.

This is my first ZOYA nail polish actually, which I always wanted to try out. The colour is called Avril and it's a very unique colour. It looks like baby pink, but once I apply it on my nails it's more like coral. 

I'm sorry about my dry fingertips, it looks bad!

It's sheer and natural, yet very feminine and pretty! It kind of looks too orangy under the fluorescent lights and I thought "Oh gosh I picked the wrong colour, it makes my skin look yellow!" but it actually looks really nice in sunlight. 

If you know a perfect nude colour which isn't too orangy or grayish, let me know! I'm on the hunt ;)