ZOYA Nail Polish in Coco

I got this nail polish with the colour called Avril which I talked about the other day. Since I got them, I tend to wear this colour called Coco more often than Avril. This is such a lovely colour to wear in this season in my opinion, it reminds me of warmth of hot drink somehow. The colour looks like a mixture of red and brown, which sounds odd but actually it's a beautiful colour.

I really like their formula, it's loose and spreads evenly. 

It looks a bit smoky and that makes this colour special! I put two coats of this nail polish and one coat of top coat. It doesn't last too long unfortunately though...

My fingertips look dry, don't they? I am too lazy to apply hand cream often to be honest, I know it's really bad! 

I am totally in love with ZOYA, let me know if you've got any favourite colours of their nail polish, I would love to try other colours!