CANMAKE Colorful Nails

CANMAKE Colorful Nails 360yen
CANMAKE is a Japanese drugstore brand. Their products are very affordable and the quality is good I heard. I had seen their products in magazines many times but I had never used anything from the brand. The other day I found their nail polishes in a drugstore near my house and these colours caught my eyes. "These must be perfect for the upcoming season" I thought, and grabbed these two.

This is shade 53 "Peppermint Cream". I love this shade so much that I cannot rave enough of it. It's a mixture of peppermint green and pastel blue. It compliments my skin tone which is very important for me when it comes to choosing a pastel shade. I don't like the nail polishes that make my skin tone very yellowy. I have been wearing this shade a lot lately.

This is shade 46 "Peach Cream". This is more like a sheer formula and I have to apply 3 coats at least while I only need 2 coats maximum with Peppermint Cream. It's a unique shade which is in between coral pin and neon orange. When I apply 3 coats it looks more like neon orange than coral especially under the natural light.

I never thought a 360yen nail polish could be this good. The brush is good and easy to apply with, the formula is also very good and it lasts for about 3 days without chipping which is rare for me. Apparently it's made in France which made me wonder if it's manufactured by the same factory as another French makeup brand or something. I'm sure I'm going to go get more shades!