essie Lady Like / Fiji

essie Lady Like
I have been collecting the nail polish from essie since I realised that they work really well on my nails. My nails are very soft and fragile, which cannot hold any nail polish longer than a day or two besides the ones from essie. I got this shade Lady Like in July I guess but it was more like an autumn shade than a summery shade, so I decided to keep it until it gets cooler. Although it's still hot and humid in Tokyo, I started wearing this shade as I feel like I'm done with summer!

Sorry it's a bit chipped...I think it was the day 3 and just started chipping a little bit from the tips. Anyway the shade is gorgeous that I would wear every day in the colder season. It's a perfect mixture of purple and gray which is chic and elegant. 

I really love this unique colour and I've been wearing it none-stop lately!

essie Fiji
Another shade I purchased along with Lady Like was Fiji. I had never been interested in this shade although a lot of beauty bloggers have been raving about it. I thought it's too pale and I'm not a type of girl who wears pastel pink nail polish. But somehow it seemed attractive suddenly and I thought to give it a go.

The shade is more pinky than I expected. I thought it was much whiter than it actually is, but it's a very pretty pink nail polish. It doesn't go well with my fashion to be honest with you but I will try to figure out. It's definitely a summery shade, so I might wear it on my toe nail in winter. 

The texture of essie nail polish is very loose at the beginning. It goes on very sheer and it's very hard to apply it evenly. After a few times of use, it gets thicker and much easier to apply. I was struggling with Fiji especially to apply at the beginning because it went on very streaky and too sheer. I had to apply 4 coats to get the colour in the bottle. 

But overall, I love essie nail polish. I just bought another shade to be ready for autumn / winter, which I will talk about next time. What's your favourite shade of essie nail polish? Any recommendations?