Have you tried the new hand cream from Caudalie?

In the beginning of August, I found those new hand cream from Caudalie when I was browsing feelunique.com. I already had the original hand cream from the brand which smells of Grapefruit, but I wanted to try these out just because I am a Caudalie junkie.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream Blackcurrant Leaf £6.00

It has Blackcurrant and Bergamot which create this feminine scent. It's not too heavy or overpowering but is a winter scent in my opinion. The scent changes after 10-15 minutes, and it becomes a little big heavier. I smell sunscreen somehow but of course it doesn't have SPF so it's just my nose that is messed up. 

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream Grapevine Honey £6.00

This is more like a herbal scent with a hint of honey. It smells sweet but fresh at the same time. I was expecting this scent is heavier than the Blackcurrant one, but actually it's lighter and more herbal and natural. But the scent lingers on my hands for a long time, which is always a good thing :)

The texture of the hand cream is very light. I don't get dry hands anyway so I use it to enjoy the scent mainly. It leaves my hands so silky without making them greasy because it contains polymer which works almost the same as silicone, that makes the skin surface smooth. 

I love using a hand cream right before a work meeting instead of spraying a perfume, because sometimes perfume can be overpowering, and what if the person you are about to have a meeting with hates the scent? You would create a hell for that person! On the other hand, hand cream doesn't smell too much (usually) and they only can smell it when you give a handshake or walk by. If you are looking for hand cream which has an elegant and sophisticated scent, you should give these a go!