Sparkling scalp treatment

Artnature CF Sparkling 1890yen
I was familiar with this kind of product from a long time ago because my hair dresser uses it after shampoo, but I never thought I could have it and enjoy it at home. Basically, this is like lotion for your scalp that comes out in a very cold foam, and it fizzes.

It's got a cooling effect as well as odor eliminating and dandruff prevention. You can use it after shower or playing sports to refresh, or you can use it to maintain the healthy scalp. 

The nozzle looks like this. You just push the nozzle against your scalp, then the lotion comes out. Then you just massage it into your scalp, then voila! It instantly refreshes your scalp and possibly mind as well!

This is what it looks like when the foam comes out. You can see it's fizzing. You can actually hear it fizzing, and it feels so cool and refreshing. The scent of fresh grapefruits is uplifting as well.

I use it mainly when my hair is still damp, before blow-dry. I just apply like 7 pushes all over my scalp and massage it in. It makes my scalp feel lighter somehow, and it prevents it to get dry.  It's not a must-have product but still very unique and nice to own.  

Do you do any special care to maintain healthy scalp?