Cooling sensation for your scalp! Yuzu-Yu Hair Mask

Yuzu-Yu Hair Mask
Yuzu-Yu is a brand that is famous for their hair oil with yuzu oil. Yuzu makes your hair soft and shiny, while stimulating blood circulation when you apply it on your scalp. This hair mask contains yuzu oil along with menthol for a cooking sensation, and chili and ginger extracts for a warming sensation, that gives you kind of like a spa-treatment session at home. What a unique concept, isn't it?

The texture is pretty thick. It supposed to smell of yuzu, which is a fresh citrus scent with a little bit of bitterness, but it smells more like menthol unfortunately. I wouldn't want my hair to smell of menthol, but I thought to give it a try. 

After shampooing, I applied it on my scalp as well as on my hair. Usually you need to be careful not to apply hair mask that contains silicone as it tend to clog the pores on your scalp, but with this hair mask you don't need to worry about that because it doesn't contain silicone, artificial fragrance, colouring and parabens. 

The cooling effect kicked off immediately, and after 3 minutes my scalp felt so cool that almost felt like tingling. I was waiting for the warming sensation to start, but it didn't. After 5 minutes, I couldn't be bothered to wait any longer so I washed it off. 

My scalp felt cool for another hour or so. I do not recommend it to use in winter, as you will need an extra blanket to sleep with. But in summer, especially in Japan it's always super hot and humid, it will be perfect to use on a pamper night. 

And it made my hair SO soft and kind of fluffy, that is much better than having a limp and flat hair. Considering the fact that I applied it on my scalp, meaning the roots of the hair were completely covered with the moisturising hair mask, it's just amazing, isn't it?

My hair tend to get tangled when I use hair mask without silicone, but it didn't happen with this one. The only downside is the scent. I personally want my hair to smell good, and I want the fragrance of hair care products to be pretty strong and long lasting. This hair mask leaves a subtle scent of menthol (forget about yuzu, you don't smell it at all) that is not an amazing scent. I wish it had a nice pleasant scent like Macadamia :(

Anyway I can see myself using it in summer on a weekly basis to refresh my scalp. Have  you tried this kind of hair mask? What's your thoughts?