The Body Lotion for Summer / Garnier Oil Beauty Nourishing Lotion

Garnier Oil Beauty Nourishing Lotion £4.99
Summer in Tokyo is hell. The heat radiating off asphalt and the humidity level is really high. But the skin gets dry because of the air conditioning in the stores, restaurants and among others, in the trains. It's ridiculously cold and freezing, I feel that I am frozen to the bone after getting off the train. I'm in the train for 2-3 hours a day, and in the office for like 10 hours or so, which makes it easy to imagine my skin is completely dehydrated. 

But at the same time, I cannot use my favourite body butters from The Body Shop and Rituals, because they make my skin greasy and sticky mostly because of the humidity I guess. So I was looking for a light body lotion that sinks in quickly and hydrates my skin without that annoying feeling.

Then I found it. Well done Garnier, it's such a lovely body lotion. It contains Argan oil, Macademia oil, Almond oil and Rose oil that help improve the skin condition. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Though it's called "lotion", it looks pretty thick. But don't worry, it just absorbs into the skin quickly, and leaves a subtle moisturising feeling on the surface. I still can feel it after 5 minutes, but not in a bad way at all. This was the only body lotion I can apply in the morning before heading to work during the summer. 

I also love how it smells. First I thought it was too sweet and perfumy, but now I'm used to  it and am kind of addicted to it. I don't know how too describe this scent, but it's pretty  feminine, floral scent that some people might not like. On the website it's described as "
subtly fragranced" but trust me, the scent is NOT subtle. I like the scent so I am happy that it lingers on my skin, but it's quite misleading in my opinion.

Garnier is definitely one of my favourite drugstore brands, now I'm eying on their hair care products that feelunique started to carry a while ago. I don't know which one smells good (a scent is the most important for me when it comes to toiletries) and which works for my hair, but I would love to try them out someday in the near future. 

I am also curious about their body scrub from the same range of this body lotion. It must smell the same, and I like the fact it's in the tube bottle rather than a pod. Let me know if you've tried it before, and what your favourite Garnier products are!