LUSH Olive Branch Body Lotion

LUSH Olive Branch Body Lotion
A couple of months ago I found out LUSH had a new system called LUSH KITCHEN where they make online exclusive products in a limited quantity, and the product range changes every week.  I wasn't interested at first because I don't like paying the postage when there is a branch in my local town....until I saw this product. 

Olive Branch is my favourite scent from LUSH. When I went to England for the first time in 2012, I bought a small bottle of Olive Branch Shower Gel because it was cheaper than what it was in Japan at that time because of the exchange rate. Bringing 200ml shower gel that's sold in Japan seemed ridiculous, but I could not justify myself to spend 2,000yen on shower gel to buy it in Japan, yet I loved the scent so much that I wanted it so bad.

So when I found out that they brought the body lotion in the same scent, I had to get it. I think it was about 2,500yen including the postage, which is a little pricey but it didn't stop me from purchasing it.

I like this pot, it screams pamper in my opinion! But the lotion is very very thin that you have to be really careful when you open the lid especially when it's still new because it just runs off. 

It smells absolutely gorgeous, you will LOVE it if you like the shower gel. It smells a little bit sweeter than shower gel for some reason, but it's still amazing without a doubt. 

It applies smoothly and very light weight that doesn't make your skin greasy at all. I can get dressed immediately after applying it, without making my clothes stick to my skin. I usually like body butter than body lotion in winter, but this one is moisturising enough though it's a thin lotion. I have been suffering from an unknown skin disease for months now and it made a lot of cuts and irritations on my legs mainly, but this lotion made my skin condition much better, without stinging like some other body creams does.

The scent lingers for about 30 minutes, and slowly fades away. It's not a kind of body cream that leaves a scent on your clothes, maybe because it's got natural essential oils as a fragrance. I use this body lotion on my whole body at night, and on my legs in the morning because I like wearing Rituals Body Butter in the pink packaging on my arms in daytime as the scent lingers for the whole day.

I really hope LUSH would make it a permanent product because I want to repurchase it once my pot is finished. They also brought the body lotion in Comforter and American Cream as well that sold out immediately. What does LUSH KITCHEN have in your country?