VALANROSE Hair Essence Oil

VALANROSE Hair Essence Oil  1850yen

So, it's been a while since I posted a product review on this blog. I'm updating my Japanese blog almost every day but when it comes to this blog, I tend to be a little bit lazy just because writing in English is much harder than writing in Japanese of course. I know I should be consistent, but it's just too hard! Today I decided to write something as I've been in bed all day because I had my wisdom tooth pulled out yesterday (it was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and the pain afterwords was insane) and I wanted to function my brain a little bit! haha

Anyway, let me write about this hair oil that I've been absolutely loving. You know when you have thin and limp hair, hair oils can be the worst enemies? I have come across some hair oils that weighed down my hair, or made my hair looking super greasy. But this oil from VALANROSE, a Japanese brand that I had never heard of until I actually tried this oil, makes my hair shiny and soft without a greasy feel. And also, why I love this oil so much is that it defines my curls! I naturally have really straight hair that emphasises how limp my hair is, so I have to perm it once or twice a year at the hair salon. Some oils do the opposite, and make my hair look less curly, but this one actually defines my curls which I have never seen any hair oils would do.

The texture is pretty thick that I first thought it may be too heavy for my hair. It's got argan oil, camellia oil, olive oil and sunflower oil that moisturise the hair, and jojoba oil, baobab oil, rose hip oil and olive oil that mend the damaged cuticles. It also contains squalene and shea butter that coat the hair. But most importantly, it contains some different types of silicones which my hair definitely needs.

The scent is a little bit strange -I imagined it to be rose scented, but it's actually a mixture of geranium, tea tree and rose. I have never seen a beauty product that has a scent of tea tree and rose. A little bit odd, isn't it? It smells of rose indeed, not so much of geranium, but it also has this herbal, a little bit bitter scent to it. But it doesn't matter as it doesn't linger too much.

I apply one pump of the oil on my semi-dry hair, scrunching to define the curls. My curls look the best when the hair is wet, and as it dries it loses the curls. But when I apply this oil before my hair is completely dry, it holds the curls very well when it's dry if that makes sense! Apparently it's good for straight hair as well, I saw their advert says 'An oil straightener'.

I believe it's only sold online, which is a shame because not so many people would buy a product without trying especially when the brand is still small and not well known. But this oil is incredible that I'm using it every single day. I wish the scent was a bit different, but other than that it's a perfect oil for my hair!