Exclusive to Travel Retails! Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty Eyes and Cheek Palette

Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty Eyes and Cheek Palette

This palette brought a different perspective to the brand Bobbi Brown. I knew Bobbi Brown was a wonderful brand with a kind of ridiculous price tag, but what I did not know was that the quality of their products were beyond amazing and it's totally worth the price. This palette is the first product I have ever tried from the brand, and I absolutely love it and I'm going to tell you why.

It contains a blusher in Nectar, eyeshadow in Bone, Beige, Pink Quartz and Black Chocolate. All of the shades besides Pink Quartz are matte which is one of the reasons why I love this palette. 

But to be honest with you, I first thought it looked very neutral and a little bit plain. And swatching the shades on my hand did not change that.

From left: Nectar, Pink Quartz, Bone, Beige and Black Chocolate

I wasn't impressed when I swatched the eyeshadow for the first time if I'm completely honest with you. I thought the blusher looked beautiful, but the eyeshadow especially Black Chocolate looked a little patchy and dry if that makes sense. 

BUT when applied on my eyelids, they look absolutely gorgeous. I don't know why but it looks completely different than what it looks like on my hands. They all blend nicely together, while creating a very sophisticated look. I'm a drugstore-eyeshdaow-kind-of-girl and I always thought they are as good as high-end eyeshadow most of the time. But this palette showed me how different and better high-end eyeshadow can be. It stays on my eyelid longer, it doesn't crease, it looks even better after a couple of hours after applied...which never happened with a drugstore eyeshadow.

It looks much more beautiful in real life (let's blame on my old camera) but the 4 shades work perfectly together. I apply Clinique Chubby Stick as a base, Beige on the crease, Bone as a blending shade, Black Chocolate on the outer corner and Pink Quartz on the lid in the end, and blend them all together. Pink Quartz looks a little too pink when applied, but trust me, it transitions to such a beautiful beigy pink as time goes along. 

As mentioned before, this look looks much more beautiful after 2-3 hours. The shades blend well together naturally, and it creates such a sophisticated look. Beige is such a useful shade to have in your collection as a crease colour, or you can apply it all over the lid for a natural look on the relaxing weekend. 

It comes with a tiny brush (though there is no compartment for it) which is pretty handy. I did not write much about the blush but it's such a pretty shade too, it's just that the eyeshadow impressed me so much that it kind of overshadows the blusher. 

This palette is only 6500yen (about 35 pound I guess?) and exclusive to the travel retails. It's such a handy palette to have, which I carry around in my bag when I know will be working late hours or have a plan after work, though I don't even need to touch up as it stays on for hours and hours. I put my makeup on at 7:30am and come home at 10pm or 11pm when I'm working, and my makeup still looks pretty good when I wash my face at night which is ridiculous!

I've been eying on their stick eyeshadow as well as their beautiful eyeliner that you can use as a cream eyeshadow. Have you tried anything from the brand? What's your favourite?