MAIHADA CC Cream  3500yen

As my skin has been in a very good condition, I do not wear a foundation when it's not necessary. On most of my day off, I don't wear makeup at all, but this CC cream is what I wear when a little bit of makeup is needed. This CC cream is from a brand MAIHADA, a Japanese skincare brand which came out from KOSE in 2012. They investigated the secret of 'Japanese Beauty' and came to the conclusion that it's rice which has been supporting Japanese people's health and beauty for more than 2000 years.

The rice extract encourages the skin to create more ceramide which holds and locks moisture. Natto Gum, another key ingredient contained in their products, holds moisture on the surface of the skin. 

First of all, I love the packaging. It looks like a normal squeezy tube, but it's got a pump on it. How convenient is that? It dispenses the perfect amount of CC cream that covers the whole face, and it keeps the content fresh for a longer time.

 It works as a face cream, sunscreen, primer, foundation and face powder (really?). I usually prep my skin with a day cream and eye cream ignoring the claim it works as a face cream too. I blot with a tissue paper gently, then apply this cream on my face. I use Real Technique Buffing Brush or my fingers to blend in. 

It's got this gel-like consistency which makes it super easy to blend. It's not cakey nor drying, it melts into the skin while covering the pores and discoluoration. 

The reason why I love this CC cream so much is that it looks like I'm not wearing makeup at all, but it creates such a beautiful and smooth looking skin. It covers up the pores and prevents my skin to get shiny throughout the day, while adding a healthy glow to it. You know how difficult it is for a shiny girl to find a perfect foundation / BB or CC or whatever cream, that makes the skin look dewy and not oily?

I like the fact it's got SPF50+ PA+++ as well, because I hate piling up a face cream, eye cream, sunscreen, primer and CC cream during summer, because my makeup tends to come off easier during the day when I've got so many layers on my skin. I still need a little bit of concealer after applying this cream, but it covers the majority of my skin imperfections.

Apparently this cream contains 'air-in powder' which keeps the skin to stay smooth, as well as 'pore-lock polymer' which covers the pores, and 'oil-absorbing powder' that does what the name claims to do. And yes, it really does all that. They're not just making it up to make it sound attractive, it really does all that.

Well done MAIHADA, now you are one of my favourite skincare brands.