Burberry Kisses Sheer in Cameo Rose

Burberry Kisses Sheer in Cameo Rose  £25.00
Burberry's new lipstick Kisses Sheer was launched in Japan on 2nd March. Launching 28 shades of lipsticks at once is brilliant, but more amazing fact is that nearly half of them are nude or light-pink shades. I have a tiny nose -which my friends and family always pick on me and say 'do you even have a nose?'- and a normal sized mouth, which makes me love nude shades much more than bright pink or red on my lips. But sometimes it's hard to find a nude shade that doesn't make me look like a dead person, and brands tend to have only a couple of nude shades. It's actually easier to find nude lipsticks from domestic beauty brands because Japanese women do not wear a bright colour on their lips much.

So when I was asked to pick and choose one shade that I wanted to test from Kisses Sheer, I couldn't make my mind up! I found most of the nude shades beautiful. I was going to go for Nude or Nude Beige, but for some reason I ended up choosing Cameo Rose. It's more like natural pink than nude, but as the formula is very sheer and light, it kind of looks nudy on the lips.

The formula is super creamy that it glides on the lips instantly -it almost feels like a lip balm than a lipstick. The bullet looked pretty vibrant and I thought it would be too bright on me, but it's so sheer that I can control how pigmented I want it to be on the lips. On a daily basis, I dab the lipstick on my lips and use my finger to blend. When I want a stronger colour on my lips, I build up the intensity by applying it twice straight from the bullet.

I applied the lipstick twice so that the colour shows vividly in the photo, but still you can kind of see my natural lips through the lipstick. It's so pigmented yet sheer, which is lovely especially in Spring and Summer in my opinion.

Another discovery was that this could be the first lipstick with a blue undertone that looks pretty on me. I usually avoid bluey pink when it comes to a lip product, simply because it would make me look old-fashioned for some reason and I hate the look on me. I usually go for beige and coral to avoid the retro vibe. This shade definitely has a blue undertone, as the name -cameo ROSE- suggests, but strangely it looks nice on me. It's probably because the formula is sheer, it would make me look so '90s if it was matte.

Overall I am very satisfied with this lipstick. It doesn't feel heavy or drying on the lips, the sheer yet pigmented formula is very suitable for the coming season, and I love the magnetic packaging too.  I tried out Nude Beige too but it was slightly too nudy that I needed to pair it with a lip liner to stop people asking me whether I was sick. I cannot wait to try out some other shades too, it's such a lovely lipstick that's worth the price tag!