Shiseido d program Allerbarrier Essence

Shiseido d program Allerbarrier Essence  3,240yen
If you ask me what the latest trend in skincare in Japan, my answer would be 'the products that protect your skin from environmental irritations -a product like Allerbarrier Essence from d program to be specific'.

Skincare products used to be more to do something extra to your skin to improve the condition of it -i.e. brightens up the complexion, smoothes wrinkles and lightens dark spots...though they became more to protect the skin in the past few years due to the change of lifestyle, stress level and environment.

Allerbarrier, the latest launch from Shiseido d program (you can read more about the brand on my past review on their Moist Care range) is representing the shift in my opinion. With the ingredient called H-stabilising A, this light-weight essence increases skin barrier function whilst protecting the skin from environmental irritations such as pollens, pollution and a UV damage.

In Japan, more than 15% of the population suffers from cedar pollen allergy from February to March / April time depending on the year, and PM 2.5 from China is a massive issue as well. People sometimes suffer from unknown skin irritations actually caused by those environmental irritations.

The texture is quite runny and thin, which feels like an oil the moment applied to the skin. But then it turns into a silicone-y feel after about 30 seconds. It probably is because this essence is supposed to leave a film on the skin surface so that dust, pollens and pollution do not touch the skin directly.

Having SPF40 PA+++ UV-protecting action, it makes a perfect primer without being too oily or drying. It does not contain UV absorber which sometimes irritates the skin, which makes it leave the alien-looking residue. It makes my face look blue-y silver, which I don't think is the best primer to wear on a free-from-foundation kind of day. It does look OK when foundation is applied on top, it shouldn't be worn on its own in my opinion -unless you want to look sick and shiny.

I am one of those who don't know much about the consequences of pollens and pollution, but I hope it stabilises my skin condition.

I also got a mini of Day Repair Mist, which is like a mist lotion that is perfect to use during the day to refresh the makeup. It's free from alcohol, paraben, artificial fragrance and colouring, which makes it very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin -all of d program products are supposed to be suitable for sensitive skin, though. It's so small that fits perfectly into my makeup bag, and I like spraying it all over my face and blot with oil blotting paper, before applying a bit of concealer to touch up.

d program over all is a lovely brand, they have some trial sets as well that you might want to grab when you have a chance!