Aujua Equial Force Mist

Aujua Equial Force Mist  3,000yen
The product that made me ditch all the texturising and volumising sprays that I got from Boots, is surprisingly a Japanese product. Japanese people tend to have thicker and voluminous hair which is opposite from my hair type. People who have thin and limp hair like I do, struggle to find a product enhances natural volume in the hair.

It's only recently that Japanese beauty brands started bringing haircare products for mature people who have limp hair due to ageing of population. Aujua Equial is one of them. Aujua is a Japanese haircare brand only sold at hair salons. They have 15 different lines of haircare products which you can choose depending on your hair type. Seven out of 15 are focusing on anti-ageing, and they have shampoo, hair treatment and some styling products within the line.

Equial is for limp hair which needs more volume. I have never tried them but they also have shampoo and hair treatment. I was recommended to try this mist at the hair salon which I go to for 14 years, when I told them I was struggling to style my hair. They demonstrated this product with my hair at the salon, and I was impressed with the result that I had no choice to to purchase it. But at the same time I was wondering -is it the hair stylist that made my hair look amazing, or the product?

As it turned out it was this product. I simply spray it directly on my scalp and the roots -not the hair, this is the important part- after towel-drying my hair, and massage it in. Then blow-dry my hair as usual. It's simple is that but makes a huge difference to the finish. It lifts the roots naturally which gives volume to the hair without feeling greasy or crispy at all. I cannot feel the product in my hair, which I love the most about this mist.

It does not have an amazing fragrance which is a little disappointing, but it has a very subtle herbal scent which does not disturb other fragrances you are wearing. Since I started using this mist, I completely stopped using the texturising spray that I adored before. I just don't need it. If you are looking for a volumising spray that does not make your hair crispy, you must try Aujua Equal Force Mist. This bottle would last for about 3 months as you only need about 10 pumps per day, which makes it about 1,000yen per month which I think is pretty cheap for what you get!