Sigma Eyeshadow Palette / Nightlife

Sigma Eyeshadow Palette / Nightlife  $39.00
When it comes to makeup, are you a playful or conservative girl? You can be both. I only wear neutral eyeshadows to work which is why I have multiple eyeshadow palettes full of nude shades in them. But that doesn't mean I don't like purple eyeshadow. I find Sigma Eyeshadow Palette in Nightlife very handy because I can create a very conservative look as well as a bold look suitable for night out -which I never do. You don't have to go out at night to rock the smoky eye anyway!

From left to right: Bijou, 4 Star, Panache and Topaz

Skyline, Vip, Boogie and Urbanette

No Waiting, Leather Pants, After Hours and Disco Ball

Just like other Sigma Eyeshadow Palettes, the eyeshadows are soft, buttery and super pigmented. It's got a good mixture of shimmery, glittery and matte shades that you can play with.

For a simple look like this, I mainly use the shades on the top row. To create this look, I used Bijou as a base, Panache on the crease, Topaz on the outer corner and 4 Star on the middle part of the lid to add a little bit of dimension. I am into orange eyeshadows at the moment, and this look is perfect when I want to wear orange in a subtle way.

For this look, I used the shades on the middle row mainly. I applied Skyline as a base, Panache and Urbanette on the crease, Leather Pants on the outer corner and blend Urbanette on top. To finish up, added Skyline on the centre of the lid, and sprinkle of Disco Ball overall.

As you can see, they are all pigmented and blend well with each other. None of the shadows are patchy or hard to blend. Plus, they are long-lasting!

Though I am not a huge fan of Camila Coelho (nothing personal at all, I just prefer UK beauty bloggers) I must admit this is such a gorgeous and well-made palette! What is your favourite Sigma palette? What should I try next? Let me know! x