AYURA Wellfit Body Sheet

AYURA Wellfit Body Sheet  810yen 
I've got an idea. I think I should establish a company in the U.K. that sells wipes. Hand wipes, body wipes, face wipes that you can use with a makeup on...we have a lot of different wipes in Japan, and I wonder why they're not available in the U.K. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE England and I am considering moving here (only if I can find a job...sob) but come on, you need wipes in your lives!!

In Japan, classic wet wipes are called 'wet tissues' and they are not only for a baby's bum or toilet, they can be used in many different situations. We also have normal face wipes to remove makeup, and a different kind of face wipes to use during the day especially in disgusting summer in Tokyo (it was 38 degrees in Tokyo the other day I heard...how gross!) to freshen up. Then it comes to body wipes -my favourite.

I buy a bunch of body wipes every summer, because I can't cope without them! My favourite this year is definitely Wellfit Body Sheet from AYURA. You can get cheaper ones from the drugstores but I am not a big fan of the scents, they usually smell cheap and boring. But Wellfit Body Sheet takes it to the different level.

The sheet itself is very soft and a little fluffy in a way. It feels very cooling and refreshing on the skin, and because it's got powder (I guess) on the surface, it leaves the skin feel silky smooth -without a trace of sweat. Also, the scent is leaves on the skin is absolutely beautiful. It's got a similar scent to their multiple-award-winning product 'Meditation Bath' and I cannot rave about this product enough.

The top note is a blend of forest wood, leafy green, bergamot, apple, rosemary and chamomile, followed by the blend of rose, neroli and jasmine. The base note is a mixture of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk which isn't heavy as it sounds.

I do not leave my house without the wipes in summer in Japan, because I know I will be sweating a lot just by walking to the station, which is about 7 minutes walk. It's perfect for outdoor activities, workouts, or before a date to freshen up because it leaves a subtle yet beautiful scent on your skin. I like to use it around my neck when I don't have my perfume with me.

Unfortunately I've only used it once since I came to London last month, as the weather's been kind to me...but if you are planning to go to Japan in summer, buy a couple of these at the beginning of your trip and you won't regret it.