Two eyeshadow brushes you need

How many eyeshadow brushes do you have? I don't have a ridiculous amount but I have at least 10 -which I believe is pretty normal in the beauty blogging community...But, there are two eyeshadow brushes that stand out, that I keep reaching for. And they are affordable.

Tapered Shadow Brush 203 (left)
This is definitely one of the best eyeshadow brushes I've ever used. You can use it to apply a base shade, crease shade, and darker shade -pretty much any looks can be created by this brush. It blends eyeshadow seamlessly and flawlessly.

It helps some eyeshadows that I usually struggle to work with blend beautifully, and I there is no eyeshadow goes patchy when applied with this brush. However, I cannot find this brush on their official website. I would be so sad if they discontinued it...but don't worry, it's still available on iHerb which I put the link above. I bought one a few months ago, and bought another because I liked it so much that I needed two. I will purchase a couple more once I'm back in Japan -before it's sold out.

Oval Shadow Brush 200 (right)
Because I liked Tapered Shadow Brush, I bought this one to see if it's as good. I must say I like 203 better, but this is a very good quality brush for sure. It's so fluffy, thick and soft. One swipe would cover the whole lid and it applies eyeshadow evenly. I only used it for a base shade, and just like Tapered Shadow Brush does, it blends any eyeshadow perfectly.

I brought about 8 eyeshadow brushes from home but I haven't used any other ones but these two. They do not look super high quality by the looks of it, but I promise you will satisfy with the finish it provides.