Nail Wraps Obsessions

ETBELLA Shushu Nail - Nail Wraps 420yen each
I wasn't interested in nail wraps at all until the one from Korea was sent to me. I tried it, and it was OK besides that it stunk when I applied topcoat on top. Then they sent me another one, which was Korean as well, but a better version of the first one. And that's what I became obsessed with. It's called Shushu nail, and they have more than 100 different patterns. Now I have like 10 of them and they all look so pretty.

I still struggle with applying them, because they are very thin and easy to crease. But when I got to successfully applied them, they looked very nice.

The middle and ring fingers have the nail wraps on.  The glitter one looks so nice.

This one got creased up which I was not happy about, but still the pattern looked so pretty.

They are very affordable, easy to use and stay on my nails for at least 2-3 days without topcoat on. I think it would stay much longer with topcoat on, but it would shrink the nail wraps and ruin them. It would look perfect if you apply gel-nail coat on for sure! I'm not interested in the nail wraps from essie, they have some really nice patterns! Have you tried them?