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Revlon Nail Enamel / Divine

Revlon Nail Enamel  in 660 Divine 945yen
Whenever I post a photo of my nails with this nail polish on, I get so many likes and compliments. No wonder why, because it's such a gorgeous shade. I own quite a few red nail polishes but this one is the best so far in my opinion. It's such an elegant, sophisticated red that has a hint of brown and plum in it.

I love paring it with Tomoko from Zoya that I've been loving for months. 

It's super shiny and stays on for a few days which is very good for me as sometimes my nails start chipping after a day. And I love the nail polishes from Revlon so much, the brush makes it very easy to apply and the formula is also nice. It doesn't apply streaky at all and very pigmented. I have 3 nail polishes from the brand and I love them all. My only complaint towards the brand is that the colour range isn't great. I hope they will bring more "grown-up" shades like this one. But besides that I think Revlon is amazing when it comes to nail polishes!

Have you tried this shade? What's your thoughts?

ZOYA Nail Polish in Tomoko

Zoya Tomoko
Are you looking for a nail polish which makes you feel festive? You should get Tomoko from Zoya. I believe it came out this autumn as a part of their 2013 autumn/winter collection. 

It was my first time to try out their Pixi Dust formula, but I didn't expect it to be this good to be honest. I'm wearing two coats in this photo and I'm sure you cannot see through my nail. It dries matte but still it looks very sparkly. 

It looks so gorgeous on the nails that people comment on it often.

I usually don't wear it on all of my nails, instead I love pairing it with other nail polishes like burgundy or mint green. I apply other nail polish on 2-3 nails on each hand, then apply Tomoko on the rest of the nails. It creates sophisticated look and it makes me feel Christmassy when I pair it with deep red or plum shade especially.

It's super easy to apply, last for a few days -unfortunately it chips after 2-3 days- and look amazing. I highly recommend this shade if you like basic but sparkly nail polish!

Nail Wraps Obsessions

ETBELLA Shushu Nail - Nail Wraps 420yen each
I wasn't interested in nail wraps at all until the one from Korea was sent to me. I tried it, and it was OK besides that it stunk when I applied topcoat on top. Then they sent me another one, which was Korean as well, but a better version of the first one. And that's what I became obsessed with. It's called Shushu nail, and they have more than 100 different patterns. Now I have like 10 of them and they all look so pretty.

I still struggle with applying them, because they are very thin and easy to crease. But when I got to successfully applied them, they looked very nice.

The middle and ring fingers have the nail wraps on.  The glitter one looks so nice.

This one got creased up which I was not happy about, but still the pattern looked so pretty.

They are very affordable, easy to use and stay on my nails for at least 2-3 days without topcoat on. I think it would stay much longer with topcoat on, but it would shrink the nail wraps and ruin them. It would look perfect if you apply gel-nail coat on for sure! I'm not interested in the nail wraps from essie, they have some really nice patterns! Have you tried them?