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+OneC Premium Hydrogel Eye Patch

+OneC Premium Hydrogel Eye Patch  2,600yen*
As you know, we have tons of different kinds of face mask in Asia -especially in Japan and Korea. Normally I do not like Korean beauty products because they break me out nine times out of ten. Korean products are said to be very effective which made them popular among western people, but the reason why they are effective is because they are high in active-ingredients content. Their Pharmaceutical Affairs Law isn't as strict as it is in Japan (I am not sure about comparison with the western law), meaning it is possible for them to put more of active ingredients, which can irritate sensitive skin sometimes. My colleague who was living in Korea for years told me that most of Korean friends of hers used Japanese skincare products rather than Korean ones, because they find Japanese ones much higher quality, and they did not understand the recent hype of Korean beauty in the western countries.

I do not have sensitive skin particularly, but Korean products often break me out. I can deal with some spots and pimples, but I was shocked to see my skin under the eyes started peeling off after using an eye cream from a Korean natural beauty brand. Since then I have been extra careful when it comes to Korean skincare products -I have been trying my best to avoid them to be specific.

When I got +OneC Premium Hydrogel Eye Patch, I was skeptical because the product was made in Korea. I was ready to face the terrible state of my skin. However, I find this product rather brilliant. After a bit of research, I found out that their products are made in Korea but are produced and developed by a Japanese company. Ah that makes sense!

+OneC's products are hybrid Korean-Japanese beauty. Korean brands come up with unexpected and outrageous ideas whereas Japanese brands can be pretty conservative yet very careful with ingredients. When those two elements meet, the world is introduced to something completely new and innovative.

Put the longest intro aside, let's get into the product review. +OneC Premium Hydrogel Eye Patch is such an amazing under eye mask hydrates the skin instantly. The masks contain bird's nest extract, horse placenta, aloe, cucumber, CoQ10, ceramide, hyaluronic acid and collagen -which all said to have anti-aging properties.

This jelly like texture is due to the fact the masks are made with agar which slowly melts on the skin. You can actually melt the masks after use in the bath to make the most of its benefit. The masks can be used under the eyes and around the mouth to prevent smile lines which Japanese people tend to hate.

The mask sits on the skin without discomfort -for about 5 minutes. It slowly dries out and starts peeling off from the side of the nose as you can see in the photo (and this is when the silicone mask from Daiso comes in handy), but hydrates instantly that you do not need to leave it on the skin for more than 5 minutes. I tend to use this mask in the morning before makeup, to hydrate and prep the skin before piling on tons of concealers.

Having 60 sheets come in one container with a spatula, 2600yen is not too expensive in my opinion. The fresh scent is very subtle that I do not feel uncomfortable putting around my eyes. However, the skin under the eyes is the thinnest on the face, so you might want to be extra careful if you are sensitive to fragrance. They also have a jelly face mask that I loved too. If you have sensitive skin that prone to break out by using Korean beauty products, why not try +OneC to see if your skin likes it?


ETBELLA Aloe Vera Water Gel

ETBELLA Aloe Vera Water Gel 1260yen
ETBELLA is a Korean beauty brand which is sold at Seven Marche, a Japanese EC site which sells beauty bits and bobs. I have tried their nail wraps (which I have talked about here before) and now they have sent me this aloe vera gel to try out.

90% of this beautiful gel is aloe vera juice which contains hydrating mucoperiosteum, that creates a thin layer on the skin to protect it against dryness. Also aloe mannan makes the skin softer and moisturised. 

It looks like jelly, doesn't it? I just love how it looks as well as how it feels on my skin. It's so soothing and cooking, and what I like the most about this gel is the scent. It smells fresh and clean, which is totally different from the actual aloe. If you have smelt aloe before you must know what I mean, but aloe has this bitter and herbal smell which is not pleasant at all. But this gel (must contain artificial fragrance) smells 100 times better. I don't even need to wear perfume as it lingers on my skin.

It's perfect in summer because it doesn't make my skin feel sticky or greasy at all. Summer in Tokyo is ridiculously hot and humid. It's like 35 degrees in daytime when sunshine is beaming towards you, and it only goes down to 26-27 degrees at night. Humidity is always like 70% which is so disgusting. You can imagine how gross it would be to be wearing greasy body lotion in that weather! So it's important to me to choose a none-sticky body lotion in summer. This gel is seriously perfect because I can wear clothes straight after applying it all over my body!

If you are in a hot country and looking for a light body moisturiser, I recommend you to look for a nice aloe vera gel. It's perfect after burning yourself at the beach or something as well, since aloe is very gentle and calming. Have you tried aloe vera gel before?

Nail Wraps Obsessions

ETBELLA Shushu Nail - Nail Wraps 420yen each
I wasn't interested in nail wraps at all until the one from Korea was sent to me. I tried it, and it was OK besides that it stunk when I applied topcoat on top. Then they sent me another one, which was Korean as well, but a better version of the first one. And that's what I became obsessed with. It's called Shushu nail, and they have more than 100 different patterns. Now I have like 10 of them and they all look so pretty.

I still struggle with applying them, because they are very thin and easy to crease. But when I got to successfully applied them, they looked very nice.

The middle and ring fingers have the nail wraps on.  The glitter one looks so nice.

This one got creased up which I was not happy about, but still the pattern looked so pretty.

They are very affordable, easy to use and stay on my nails for at least 2-3 days without topcoat on. I think it would stay much longer with topcoat on, but it would shrink the nail wraps and ruin them. It would look perfect if you apply gel-nail coat on for sure! I'm not interested in the nail wraps from essie, they have some really nice patterns! Have you tried them?