LUSH PONCHE Shower Gel  900yen
I'm sure it's not just me who goes to LUSH like crazy around this time of the year. I love their bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, cleansers...basically everything. I saw this shower gel last holiday season, but it wasn't appealing to me at all. I smelt it at the shop but it smelt funny in my opinion. 

But this year, when I tried out the sandy body butter called Sandy Santa on my hands, I fell in love with the scent. When I hesitated to buy it because it seemed to be a hard work to use it in the shower (you have to crumble the cute santa-shaped body butter and make it into paste before use!), a shop assistant told me that Ponche and Sandy Santa shares the same scent. So I decided to try out Ponche to see if I like it.

You might smell Tequila when you smell it directly from the bottle but it turns to this pleasant fruity scent when you use it in the shower. It smells fresh and fruity, just like Ponche that the name suggests. I love the scent so much, but unfortunately it doesn't leave the scent on my skin after use. I assume it's because of highly-volatile citrus essential oils in it, but I wish it lingered a little bit longer.

Now I'm interested in Snow Fairy as it's supposed to be the most popular product in the holiday collection, although I'm not a huge fan of the scent. But just like Ponche smells different in use, Snow Fairy could smell differently in use. I'm just scared if it's overpowering and makes me feel sick in the shower. Have you tried Ponche or Snow Fairy? What's your favourite holiday product from LUSH?