YSL Forever Youth Liberator Lotion

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Lotion 

I had never been interested in the skincare range from YSL.I know everyone's crazy about their lipstick, but I'm not interested in that either just because they don't have the shade that I like (which is good for my purse). But now I've tried this new release from YSL, which just came out in Japan on 23.Jan, I am keen on trying some other products from them. 

This new addition to their Forever Youth Liberator range, claims to energise your skin cells. It contains the ingredient 'Glycan Active CP' which finds damaged cells on its own, and tries to repair them. It also prepares the skin for efficacy of a serum or moisturiser that you uses after this. 

As it's a thick lotion, you don't need a cotton pad to apply it unless you love cotton pads so much that you just want to use it anytime. As I mentioned before, I am against using cotton pads too much on my skin, as the friction causes irritation and pigmentation around the eyes and nose. When the lotion is runny, I have no choice but to use lotion otherwise I tend to apply like a drop of lotion. But this lotion feels almost like serum, which I can apply with my palms.

I expected it to be too moisrutising and heavy on my skin by the looks of it. But it actually absorbs quickly,and leaves my skin surface silky smooth without being too sticky. I apply a little bit on my palms, then on my face, leave it for 30 seconds or so, and repeat the same process. My skin feels so supple and plumped when it's completely sunk in. 

Since I started using this lotion, I feel that the oil production of my skin is balanced, that my skin isn't shiny during the day. As this lotion is great, I feel like I don't need to apply serum on top. You may not need one if you're in 20's and have no specific concern.

The plastic bottle looks pretty with this pink to purple ombre pattern. The scent of the lotion is much more subtle than I expected, which must not be offensive for anyone. It's such a lovely lotion that is definitely luxurious and pricey but is worth it. I was lucky enough to be able to try this out before it came out, and I'm now hooked!