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Prada Candy L 'Eau Eau De Toilette

Prada Candy L 'Eau Eau De Toilette £31.90
I had seen many blog posts or videos that mention about Prada Candy Perfume before, but it did not make me want to buy it actually just because I was scared purchasing it without knowing how heavy and strong it smells. It was often described as a "very sweet caramel scent" which sounded too much for me. But the perfume was always in my mind especially when it became colder in November, when I NEEDED some sweet perfume.

So when Prada brought Candy L'Eau, I didn't hesitate to buy it. It's described as "a mix of zestful and sweetly addictive notes" and "a trinity of White Musks, Benzoin and Caramel is highlighted by the presence of Citrus and Oriental floral notes". I thought, it sounds lighter than the original.

The bottle colour is much more beautiful and elegant in my opinion than the original. The design is exactly the same but this baby pink makes it look much more sophisticated.

 Absolutely gorgeous....*sigh*

I got it in November I guess, and I've been wearing it since then none-stop. I cannot leave my house without wearing it. It smells really sweet but not sickly sweet. It definitely smells of caramel, which is combined with some feminine floral scents. When I spray it, I smell some flowers with the sweetness of caramel and benzoin, but it's not overpowering at all. Then the scent becomes weaker, that I cannot even smell it without trying to do so. 

But when I move my arms (I spray the perfume on my wrists) I smell the sweet and warm scent that makes me feel comfortable and cozy somehow, that reminds me of sweets. The scent lingers on my skin without being overpowering, and the base note is just like caramel without any floral scents. I love how it smells after a few hours on my skin, and it just smells divine in the cold air. 

I don't think I will wear it in summer because it's going to be super hot and humid in Japan and any sweet perfume will make me feel sick. I cannot wear any perfume in the summer actually...because of the heat and humidity. I will miss this perfume once it gets warmer, but I'm sure I will wear it this autumn and winter again. It could become my signature winter scent. If you haven't tried it and you love sweet scents, you should definitely give it a go. You will love it.

What's your winter perfume? When do you switch your perfume?

Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang Princess
It's always nice to receive an unexpected present. I don't receive presents often, maybe only from my family on my birthday or Christmas. But I received this lovely perfume as a gift in England and it made me so happy. I don't buy perfumes myself as I've been totally in love with Au the Rouge from BVLGARI for more than 5 years. I also don't like perfumes from Chloe, Dior, Chanel and YVES SAINT LAURENT, because their perfumes have this same kind of heavy scent which I cannot handle. I was a bit worried if I would like this perfume when I received it because I'm difficult to please when it comes to scents, and I really wanted to like it because it's such a lovely gift.

I've been wearing this perfume for more than 2 weeks now whenever I go to work or to have lunch with my friends, and I'm loving it. The scent includes a mixture of waterlily, apple, mandarin meringue, golden apricot skin, dark chocolate, amber, musk, and vanilla. It must be pretty easy for you to imagine what it smells like, it's pretty sweet but fresh and light at the same time. It's got this heavy scent which is a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and musk I guess, so I might not be wearing it in summer because it's going to be super humid here in Japan, and this scent could be a bit overpowering. But I love wearing this scent when the weather is a bit chilly, it goes really well with cold air. I also like the detailing especially the cute little crown-shaped lid.

If you're looking for perfume which is sweet but not heavy, I recommend this perfume. I think it's targeting girls in 10's - early 20's by the advertisements as well as the scent and the packaging, but I'm enjoying it and I'm almost 30. 

It also came with these tubes which are body polish and body lotion in the same scent. The body polish has got small beads in it to exfoliate, and it leaves my skin smelling so good. It's not as sweet as the perfume in my opinion, it's more like a fresh floral scent. The body lotion smells a bit different from both, it smells a bit like plastics somehow...does anybody agree with me?

What's your signature perfume? Also which perfume are you loving this Spring / Summer?